Microwave Recalls List

Microwave Recalls List

Like the Whirlpool brand, Microwaves have numerous safety features, including sensor technology, temperature, and pressure monitoring software. But even with these built-in features, the microwave recalls list is being updated regularly for various issues.

To keep consumers out of harm’s way and address performance issues, manufacturers have the right to pull recalled products off the market. This works best for everyone involved. It can be a frustrating task to keep up with all the latest recalls. This is why I’m going to walk you through a list of recalled microwave units in case you may have one in your home right now.

What is a Product Recall?

More and more companies are using quality control procedures when it comes to the manufacture of appliances. But even so, sometimes defective parts create a need for product recall.

Product recall is a request to return, replace, or exchange malfunctioning or faulty products at the request of the manufacturer or a consumer watch group. More than one regulatory body can issue a recall or accept complaints about products.

consumer product safety

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can send out recall mandates if a product is proven to be dangerous. However, most brands will issue a recall voluntarily to avoid the mandate, as it can negatively affect the company’s reputation.

Microwaves are often recalled due to non-heating issues from failing magnetrons or overheating. A magnetron is what heats the food when cooking and usually doesn’t pose any risk of injury. However, overheating can be a fire hazard. After the manufacturer repairs these issues or others, they can return the product to the owner or market.

A fire hazard triggered a recent massive recall of Whirlpool microwaves in 2016. Due to internal arcing igniting plastic components, the units were pulled off shelves. Over 15,000 microwaves were recalled to prevent serious harm and property damage. But this isn’t one of the more common issues. Browse our guide for information about how to find the best microwave for your needs.

Microwave Recall Initiation


There are several stages of a product recall. These stages are conducted according to individual state laws. It begins when either the FDA or the CPSC is contacted with complaints about a defective product.

The authority contacts the manufacturer after the complaints are validated. If the product is, in fact, defective, the manufacturer is given the option to recall the appliance voluntarily. At this point, the problem that caused the complaint can be repaired.

To get more information on the return or replacement of the product, a helpline is usually set up for the consumer. This is a common practice that makes the recall process run smoother. Sometimes a product can be recalled more than once, even after it’s returned to the market. To find a quality microwave, like the Frigidaire, browse our guide to compare appliance models.

Recalled Microwaves: Should They All be Replaced?

All recalled microwaves do not need to be replaced. They can be just as easily fixed as locating and buying a new one. However, some individuals do take the replacement route. If you’re trying to repair the microwave on your own, you should make sure you get all the details about the recall first. Some repairs may be too difficult or beyond your knowledge, which can result in injury.

Getting in touch with the representatives of the company is essential to understand the steps that need to be taken in the recall process to continue safely using your product. All industry-leading brands have info lines available to the consumer.

Contact your brand manufacturer to learn how to have your microwave repaired. Most companies will fix your product free of charge, as they should. Make sure you understand the differences between recalled and discontinued when it comes to getting your appliance repaired. Discontinued products are no longer for sale, but recalled products can be returned to the market.

What to Do if Your Microwave Was Recalled


To discover whether or not you own a recalled microwave, simply locate the model number on the product. A brand usually only recalls the defective unit, not the entire series.

Although this product is now discontinued, the Petters Consumer’s Brand Sunbeam Over-the-Range Microwave was recalled. The serial numbers A0701161370000001 through A0701161370000304 were discontinued after being labeled as fire hazards. These microwaves were built into mobile home units, and only model SNM1501RAQ, only about 300 units were recalled in 2007.

Since potential dangers are associated with recalls, sometimes the manufacturer contacts the consumer on their own. But in most cases, it’s up to the customer to reach out for repairs and replacements. Tracking down the product is easy, as the CPSC assigns a recall number to each unit.

To read product reviews on some of the best microwaves, like the Sharp brand, check out our guide.

What Types of Microwaves are Recalled?


Any kind of microwave can be recalled, even well-known brands like the WMH53520 various models. This massive recall did not cause injuries but pulled thousands of units off the shelves. Microwave brands such as Samsung, General Electric, Sharp, Kenmore, and Whirlpool have all been recalled due to incorrect wiring and faulty installations of other components.

The CPSC makes no specifications as to how long the products will be off the market. However, there is a 10 year period to report appliances that are recalled. But as soon as a suitable solution is found, the manufacturer will release the product to the owner or the market for sale.

One of the most common reasons for the recall is wiring issues. Sometimes outdated parts caused malfunctions, but many of the brands and models with outdated parts were discontinued. Check out our faqs and reviews on General Electric, a brand that’s been on the market for a long time.

Retailers Offering Recalled Microwaves

The Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008, fairly new legislation, prohibited the distribution of recalled products. Even if the recall was made by a certain company, the retailer is still prohibited from selling the item. Before this law was put into place, many recalled units were sold, posing a danger to others.

Companies like Home Depot, Lowes, and some smaller retailers have paid millions in fines for selling recalled products. Penalties of up to $100,000 for each product will be imposed when recalled items are sold. When shopping for a microwave, be sure to check and see if the brand and model you desire has been recalled or discontinued. This will save you time and may save your life.

Recalled Microwaves List


If you subscribe to the CPSC mailing list, it’s pretty easy to keep up with the latest recalled products. This list is updated regularly.

Microwave recalls do not happen very often, but manufacturers do alert the consumer when recalls occur. So, in reality, browsing the recalls list is mostly pertinent when you’re looking to buy a refurbished product. I’ve compiled a list of manufacturer recalled microwaves from the last two decades. Let’s take a glance at these.

Samsung Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens

Approximately 43,000 Samsung over-the-range microwaves were recalled in 2009 due to potential shock hazards. The units were sold in stores between January 2009 and July 2009. Six different models, including SMH9151x and SMH9151W, were found to have manufacturing flaws with components touching, causing a spark.

The recall number is #10-031. Consumers should immediately unplug the unit and discontinue use if they own this appliance. Fortunately, there have been no injuries reported due to this malfunction.

Whirlpool Microwave Hood Combinations

These units were recalled for overheating and catching on fire, possibly due to the overhead fan built into the microwave hood combination design. Seven reports of fires causing property damage were reported, with the recalls beginning in 2001.

Any models that include serial numbers starting with XC were reported for recall. The units were released under #02-018. Anyone who thinks they may still have a recalled Whirlpool microwave hood combination unit can check by collecting the serial number located inside the microwave door.

Kenmore Elite Microwave Oven


Due to this product being a fire hazard, Kenmore has recalled about 700 units. In addition, the microwave’s exterior, due to incorrect wiring, reached 183 degrees or more, which was extremely dangerous to the consumer. If you still own one of the units, unplug them and halt the use of the product.

Model number 204.77603610, with release #20-020, was recalled in 2019, one of the most recent microwaves recalls. Serial numbers range from 17042700001 to 17042700684, and both model and serial numbers can be found on the data plate at the back of the microwave.


Question: How can I tell if my microwave is being recalled by the manufacturer?

Answer: You can find out if your product is being recalled by locating the model and serial number. Depending on the brand and type of microwave you have, these numbers will be found in different places. Some model and serial numbers are found on data plates at the back of the microwave, but older products sometimes have these numbers just inside the microwave door. Locate the number and compare this with products on the CPSC website recalls list.

Question: How can I stay in contact with the manufacturer during a recall?

Answer: The manufacturer will provide a toll-free number so consumers can respond to a recall. The product and company will be identified, and an explanation will be given for the recall. This is usually the case if nothing has yet gone wrong with your microwave. Complaints have been made, and the company has acted. Keep this toll-free number and any other info lines provided by the company. Also, stay in touch with the CPSC for additional information.

Question: How do most firms conduct recall?

Answer: Most companies contact consumers after complaints have already been made about the product in question. After locating products, the manufacturer will request the return of the product to repair or replace the unit. Sometimes, you are eligible for a refund, depending on the circumstances.

Final Thoughts

You cannot possibly know if your new microwave will be recalled in the future. And there’s always a risk that you’re buying a defective product, and no one is aware of the hidden threat. The good news is, most manufacturers will pay for all the repairs needed if you have an issue with your appliance, as long as you follow the recall procedure.

If you purchased a refurbished product, this is a different story. Companies are not responsible for refurbished products after the sale. Before purchasing a microwave, visit the CPSC website to make sure it hasn’t already been recalled.

You don’t have to worry about being fined when buying a recalled product, but you cannot have it fixed for free by the manufacturer. Keep this in mind. Maybe my list of recalled microwave units helped you out. If you’re still looking for a quality microwave, like the Electrolux model, then check out our review guide.

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