Frigidaire Microwave Parts Guide

For many years Frigidaire has been a top-selling microwave brand in North America. It can be confusing to figure out what each part of your microwave does. If that’s you, this article will be very helpful. Also, how do you know when and how they need to be replaced?

This is a guide to all the major Frigidaire microwave parts. It will assist you in resolving any issues you may have with your microwave. Finally, I provide some links to where you can get replacement parts if your Frigidaire microwave parts are beyond repair.

Frigidaire Microwave Filters

Below are the types of filters you may have on your Frigidaire microwave and how they work.

  • Grease Filter
  • Air filter
  • Charcoal filter

Microwave Grease Filter

If your microwave is above your stovetop, grease flies onto it from the stovetop. Microwave grease filters catch grease that flies into the microwave from the stovetop. The filters catch the grease in the air, preventing the fan from becoming clogged.

Broken, missing, or undersized grease filters are prone to accumulating highly flammable grease deposits. You’ll only need a grease filter if you have an over-the-stove microwave.

Microwave Air Filter

 Microwave air filters help clean the air circulating within the microwave during cooking.

Microwave Charcoal Filter

Frigidaire Microwave Grease Filter

 The charcoal filter helps remove unwanted odors circulating within the microwave. Cooking odors are removed from the air through the charcoal filter’s microwave vent.

How to Clean Frigidaire Microwave Filters

Below are some instructions on cleaning your filters. It is best to clean your grease filter at least once a month.

  1. Remove the filters from your microwave.
  2. Fill a sink or a medium-sized container with water and add dish soap. Add the amount of soap depending on the size and filth of your filter.
  3. Let the microwave filter sit for about 10 minutes.
  4. Rotate the filter and repeat step 3.
  5. Dry the microwave filter thoroughly.

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Filters

Grease Filter

Here is how you can replace your frigidaire microwave grease filter:

  • First, turn off or disconnect the power supply
  • Push the old filter backward, the pull to remove.
  • Now secure the new filter.
  • Insert the back end first and then slide forward to proper fit.
  • You have successfully replaced your grease filter.

Air Filter

To replace the air filters, all you need is a screwdriver.

  • First, turn off or disconnect the power supply
  • Remove the vent cover.
  • Next, remove the old filter.
  • Now, put in your new air filter and secure it properly.
  • Put back the vent cover and tighten the screws.  

Charcoal Filter

It is very easy to replace your Charcoal filter like the Grease and Air filter.

  •  First, turn off or disconnect the power supply.
  • Then unscrew the nuts securing the vent cover using a screwdriver.
  • Gently remove the old filter.
  • Replace the old filter with the new one.
  • Put back the vent cover and secure it properly.

Where to Buy Frigidaire Microwave Filters

Depending on what you cook and how frequent, as some items are messier than others, your microwave’s charcoal filters should be replaced every four to six months.

You can get a wide variety of Frigidaire filters directly from their website.

Frigidaire Microwave Magnetron

Frigidaire Microwave Magnetron

A magnetron, also known as cavity magnetron, is probably the most important part of the microwave as It is responsible for producing heat. It is a high-power vacuum tube used in microwave ovens. The magnetron works by interacting a stream of electrons with a magnetic field as they pass through a sequence of cavity resonators, small, open cavities in a metal block.

If your microwave’s magnetron goes bad, it means that your microwave can no longer heat food. Also, it cannot be repaired, so the magnetron has to be replaced if it’s compromised.

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Magnetron

Here is you can replace your microwave’s magnetron:

  • First, to replace the magnetron, you have to uninstall the microwave.
  • Locate the microwave’s power supply and disconnect it.
  • Carefully remove the glass table and support.
  • Next, unthread the three mounting bolts from the upper cabinet, but first, make sure you have an assistant to support the microwave while you unthread.
  • Now, tilt the microwave down and pull the power cable through the hole in the cabinet.
  • Lift the microwave off the mounting plate, place it on the back panel of a strong surface and cover it with a towel or blanket.
  • Using a Philip head screwdriver, unthread screws secure the bottom panel.
  • Disconnect the LED light wire connector remove the entire bottom panel.
  • Tilt the microwave upright and prop up the front.
  • Now, open the door and unthread the two screws securing the front vent.
  • Pry off the vent with a pudding know life.
  • Unthread all the screws securing the cabinet cover and the blower assembly cover.
  • Slide the blower cover back to detach and fully remove the cabinet cover.
  •  Remove the stored electrical charge in the capacitor by placing needle nose pliers across each set of terminals.
  • Now unthread the screws securing the thermostat mounting plate to the magnetron.
  •  Disconnect the wires connected to the capacitor, unthread the mounting screws and detach the capacitor and bracket.
  • Now, disconnect the magnetron wire connector.
  • Next, unthread the housing screw and bend the air diverter flap.
  • Unthread the magnetron screws and rotate the old magnetron anti-clockwise to remove.

Installing the New Magnetron

  • Install the new magnetron by aligning it on the waveguide and threading the mounting screws to secure it properly.
  • Unthread the housing screws to reposition the air diverter flap, then rethread the screws to secure.
  • Connect the wire connecter to the new magnetron, reinstall the capacitor and reconnect the wire to the appropriate terminals.
  • Realign the thermostat mounting plate on the magnetron and thread the screws to secure.
  • Now, reposition the cabinet cover and rethread the screws.
  • Slide the blower assembly cover into position and thread the three screws to secure.
  • Reinstall the front vent, and rethread the screws.
  • Now, tip the microwave back, and reinstall the bottom panel by first connecting the LED light wire connector.
  • Realign the panel and rethread the screws.
  • Carefully reposition the microwave on the mounting plate by hooking the back edge on the tabs.
  • Insert the power cable through the hole in the upper cabinet.
  • Lift the microwave and secure it with the mounting bolts.
  • Plug the power cable in.
  • Replace the turntable support and align the turntable on the coupler.
  • Your microwave should be ready for use!

Frigidaire Microwave Light Bulbs

Frigidaire Microwave Light Bulbs

The microwave’s interior lighting is essential and is provided by the light bulb. It helps to see the inside of the microwave.

Having a wrong light bulb in the microwave can be very dangerous; at best, they provide low or no light at all, and at worst, they could blow up the microwave, leading to potential damages. So it’s important to pay good attention when getting a light bulb for your microwave.

Troubleshooting Frigidaire Microwave Light Bulbs

Burned-Out Light Bulb

The bulb itself may be burned out, one of the most common causes of a microwave light bulb not working. To determine whether this is the issue and to resolve it, do the following:

  • Unplug the microwave.
  • Turn off the power to the microwave at the breaker point.
  • Locate the vent in your microwave.
  • Unscrew the screws to remove the panel.
  • Remove the cover from the box containing the halogen light.
  • Unscrew and replace the bulb with a new one if the bulb is bad.

Problem with the Light Socket

A fault in the light socket could also cause the microwave light bulb not to work. Before examining or replacing the light socket, you must first replace the light bulb using the above procedure.

If the light still does not function, a multimeter will be required to check or test the socket for continuity. If there is no continuity in the light socket, you may need to replace it or have it fixed by a professional.

Problem with the Main Control Board

An issue with the main control board could also be the cause of your microwave’s light bulb not working. Check to make sure bulb, wiring, and sockets, are all intact and functional before moving on to the main control board. If all the previous is fine, use a multimeter to test the control board.

This will allow you to check if the main control board supplies the correct voltage to the light bulb socket. If not, you may need to replace it, which should only be done by a qualified professional or technician.

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Light Bulbs

  • To begin, disconnect the microwave or shut off the main circuit breaker.
  • Then, remove the bulb covering mounting screws from both positions under the microwave.
  • Remove the old bulbs and replace them with 30-watt appliance bulbs.
  •  Replace the bulb cover and mounting screws.

Where to Buy Frigidaire Microwave Light Bulbs

You can get an array of replacement light bulbs from Frigidaire.

Frigidaire Microwave Glass Trays

The turning glass tray acts as insulation to prevent sparking. It rotates the food to heat it evenly and thoroughly. This cooking tray is made of transparent glass and may need to be replaced if the tray is cracked or broken. Without the tray, your food will not cook as evenly and will need to be manually rotated during heating.

Troubleshooting Frigidaire Microwave Glass Trays

Frigidaire Microwave Glass Trays

Faulty Turntable Motor

The most common cause of a microwave turntable/glass tray not turning is a problem with the turntable’s motor.

You can use a continuity multimeter to check this. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Remove the glass tray and support ring from the microwave by opening the door.
  • Remove the screws from the rear of the microwave with a screwdriver.
  • Squeeze the wire harness plug to disconnect it, then place the lower panel aside.
  •  Remove the turntable motor wires’ terminals using a screwdriver.
  • Check for continuity by connecting the motor’s terminals to the multimeter’s terminals.
  •  If there is no continuity, the motor might need to be replaced. If there is continuity, though, it could be another factor.

Damaged or Missing Glass Tray Drive Coupling

Another common cause of a non-turning microwave turntable/glass tray is a problem with the glass tray drive coupling. It’s possible to break or remove the coupler. Most ovens and microwaves have a round glass turntable with a roller guide and a motor-driven coupler. The majority of units include a three-sided coupler that detaches easily from the motor shaft.

  • To fix it, inspect the drive coupling for any damage. Gently remove it away from the drive motor shaft. If the coupler is damaged, it may need to be replaced.

Damaged Glass Tray Support

If your microwave’s turntable isn’t working, the glass tray support may be cracked or pulled off.

  • Gently pull out the drive motor shaft and inspect the tray support for any damage to solve this problem. You may need to replace it if it turns out to be damaged.

Damaged or Missing Roller Guide

A problem with the roller guide could potentially cause the microwave turntable’s inability to turn. This element is located right beneath the glass tray and aids in keeping the tray on track while rotating. This portion rotates the turntable with the help of the coupler.

A problem with the roller guide could potentially cause by the microwave turntable’s inability to turn. This element is located right beneath the glass tray and aids in keeping the tray on track while rotating. This portion rotates the turntable with the help of the coupler.

  • To troubleshoot, remove the glass tray and inspect it for cracks, damage, or wear to see if this is the case. You may need to replace it if it is worn out.

Clogged Particles Stopping Rotation

Certain particles may become lodged beneath the turntable, obstructing its motion. If you suspect this to be the case, you will need to clean the turntable properly.

  • First, remove the circular turntable guide as well as the glass tray.
  • Then, wash them both in warm soapy water to eliminate whatever was creating the clog.

Where to Buy Frigidaire Microwave Glass Tray

Click to purchase the microwave caps, lids, and covers from Frigidaire.

Frigidaire Microwave Handles

Frigidaire Microwave Handles

Microwave oven handles aren’t always made of the most durable materials, and even the most durable ones can be damaged over time.

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Handles

Below are some quick instructions on how to replace a broken Frigidaire microwave handle.

  1. Remove the power cord from the outlet. Allow 60 seconds for the unit’s high-voltage capacitor to discharge. Note that this is simply a precautionary measure; the capacitor and other components stored inside the microwave’s exterior case may still be charged with a high voltage. Never take the outer case off the microwave housing or work on its inside.
  2. Completely open the oven door. Examine the door’s interior panel, preferably with the model’s instruction booklet nearby. Using a flathead screwdriver between the inner and outer door panels at the top outside corner, remove the inner door panel if it is not screwed in place. To separate the panel from the door, slide the screwdriver along the top of the door. Remove four screws from each corner of the inner panel is held in place by screws. To access the screws, you may need to carefully remove the door from its hinges.
  3. Depending on whether the old handle is held in place by screws or nuts fastened onto threaded posts, unscrew it with a Phillips screwdriver or a nut driver. Take the handle off.
  4. Install the replacement handle, then push the panel against the door until it snaps back into place, or you can screw it back in place. It could take a few tips to get it to sit on the rim of the door.

Where to Buy Frigidaire Microwave Handles

Click on the link to purchase microwave handles directly from Frigidaire.

Frigidaire Microwave Latch

Frigidaire Microwave Latch

The latch assembly is a release mechanism found on most microwave doors that keeps the door closed when the microwave is on or off. It usually has two hooks that connect to the microwave’s switch holder on the frame. The latch is essentially a plastic hook that captures or releases the door when you press the open button.

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Latch

Over time, the latch assembly undergoes wear and tear, which is entirely normal. If your microwave’s door no longer holds when you close it or refuse to open it, you need to replace the latch.

Tools Needed: Below are the tools you need to get started.

  • New door latch assembly kit
  • Flat-head screwdriver or putty knife
  • Phillips-head screwdriver

Below, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to replace your microwave’s door latch.

  • First, disconnect the Power Supply and make sure that the microwave is unplugged from the outlet, to reduce chances of electric shock.
  • Locate the Plastic Panel on the door and examine the interior of the microwave door by opening it and physically inspecting it.
  • Just within the door frame, a seam should be evident around the internal plastic panel. Small screws may or may not secure the plastic to the frame.
  • Separate the Plastic Panel from the Door Frame and remove any screws securing the plastic panel.
  • Gently work your way around the door with the thin edge of the flat-head screwdriver or the putty knife inserted into the seam.
  • Pry the plastic panel apart from the metal door interior with a gentle pry.
  • Set aside the plastic panel and any screws that were removed.
  • Remove the door latch and determine where it is located at the door frame’s edge. A lengthy molded plastic piece with two plastic “hooks” makes up the latch’s plastic component. It would be best to easily lift it out of the Door housing and towards you. A little spring should be sitting in an aperture in the metal at the bottom of the door. You can also get rid of this.
  • Inspect Original Parts. The spring is designed to attach to both the door’s metal frame and a little hook on the rear of the plastic door latch.
  • Remove the old latch and replace it with the new one. To hook and secure the spring, reinsert the latch into the door.
  • Extend the bottom end of the spring down along the side apertures in the door frame.
  • Around the borders of the plastic panel are built-in tabs. Replace the latch by aligning it with the frame and pressing along the edge until it snaps back into place. You can now re-plug the microwave and use it again.

Where to Buy Frigidaire Microwave Latch

You can purchase Frigidaire microwave latches directly from Frigidaire. 

Frigidaire Microwave Waveguide Cover

Frigidaire Microwave Waveguide Cover

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Waveguide Cover

The waveguide can be scorched or accidentally damaged, and if one of these things happens, your microwave may emit sparks.

Fortunately, the waveguide cover is an inexpensive part to replace.

Tools you will need:

  • Guide cover
  • Screwdriver

Here is how to replace your microwave waveguide cover

  • The first thing you need to do before you begin replacement is to make sure your appliance is switched off.
  • Next, remove the Turntable and the roller ring before replacing the waveguide cover. Be careful with this part, as it can be damaged when removed during cleaning.
  • Next, remove the old waveguide cover, and to do so, remove any screws holding the waveguide cover in place, and the cover will slide out. Ensure that the area where the cover was located is clean once it has been removed.
  • Fit the new waveguide cover. Simply slip the replacement waveguide cover into position and, if necessary, replace the retaining screw. You can also put the Turntable and roller ring back in the microwave at this point.

Where to Buy Frigidaire Microwave Waveguide Cover

Click to purchase the microwave caps, lids, and covers from Frigidaire.

Frigidaire Microwave Door

Frigidaire Microwave Door

An exterior door, a mesh screen in the window, and a plastic shield or film covering the screen all make up the microwave door.

These holes are strategically placed to keep the long microwaves bouncing inside the chamber while also allowing you to see your meal through them. Manufacturers include a window in the door to enable you to monitor your food.

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Door

  1. Disconnect the microwave door from the hinges by tilting and lifting or sliding the door out on rails once it has been unsealed.
  2. Remove the old microwave door and throw it away.
  3. Reverse the steps you used to remove the existing microwave door to attach the new door to the hinges.
  4. Reattach and tighten the clips, screws, or bolts, and check the door for proper installation by opening and closing it a few times.
  5. Return any grill assembly to their original placements and the microwave unit to its original location once the door has been secured.
  6. Return the glass tray to the interior of the microwave, plug it back in, and enjoy your new microwave door.

Where to Buy Frigidaire Microwave Door

Click to purchase a new Frigidaire microwave door assembly from their site.

Frigidaire Microwave Turntable Motor

Frigidaire Microwave Turntable Motor

A microwave uses a turnable motor to turn the glass tray, thereby heating your meal evenly. Most Frigidaire motors have a specification of 120 Volts, 60Hz, 3rpm, and 2.1 watts.

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Turntable Motor

Here is how you can replace your microwave motor:

  • Before anything, make sure to turn off the power supply to your microwave to avoid getting electrocuted.
  • Next, locate the bottom panel of the microwave; you’ll see about three to four screws securing it and unscrew them.
  • Now disconnect the LED wire connector attached to the panel to release it completely.
  • Disconnect the turntable motor wire connector and unthread the mounting screws.
  • Finally, remove the old motor and replace it with the new one.

Installing the new motor:

  • Properly secure the new motor into the coupler.
  • Then, put in the screws and tighten properly using a screwdriver.
  • Now plug in the wire connected to the motor.
  • Secure the bottom panel onto the microwave, put back the screws, and tighten. Do not forget to connect the LED light wire.

Where to Buy Frigidaire Microwave Turntable Motor

Click to purchase Frigidaire microwave turntable motors and others.

Frigidaire Microwave Thermal Fuse

Frigidaire Microwave Thermal Fuse

To prevent overheating in microwave ovens, it uses one or more thermal cut-outs, also known as thermal fuses. They’re usually found near the oven cavity or the magnetron on the cabinet’s interior. If the thermal cut-out fails, power to the controls or control outputs is switched off.

Thermal fuses are circuit breakers in temperature sensing devices that detect overheating from a fire, a short circuit, or aberrant electronic performance and switch off the circuit. Thermal fuses are not re-usable once they’ve been used, although they do work in the specified temperature only once.

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Thermal Fuse

Here is how you can replace your microwave’s fuse:

  • Before you begin, disconnect the power supply to your microwave.
  • Open the microwave door, locate the front vent and unthread the two screws securing it. When you’re done unthreading the screws, take out the vent.
  •  Next, disconnect the control board and lift gently to detach.
  • Now, carefully disconnect the wires connected to the control board. Take notes of where they are connected to for later.
  • Once the control board is out, there is only one thing to keep the fuse: the access grill.
  • Two screws secure the access grill; use a screwdriver to unthread them to release the access grill.
  • Now locate the old fuse and remove it. You can use a knife or screwdriver to pry it out.

Installing the new one:

  • Bring the new fuse and snap it right into the noise filter board mouths, where you took out the old from.
  • Secure and realign the access grill. Then thread the screw.
  • Now, reinstall the control assembly by first inserting the assembly tabs into the slots in the microwave. Then reconnect all the control board wires to the correct terminals.
  • Properly align the assembly in place and then thread the screws.
  • Now reinstall the vent, secure, and thread the screws.
  • Finally, plug or restore the power supply.  

Where to Buy Frigidaire Microwave Thermal Fuse

Click to purchase Frigidaire fuses, thermal fuses, and breakers.

Frigidaire Microwave Touchpad

Frigidaire Microwave Touchpad

The touchpad on the microwave isn’t genuinely touch-sensitive. It’s a type of membrane switch that’s made up of two flexible layers, a conductive inner coating, and a bubble in the middle. When a number or function button is pressed, the membrane is backed by a conductive layer that makes contact with the back of the keypad.

How to Replace Frigidaire Microwave Touchpad

Now remove the front control panel so that you can eventually access the touchpad membrane.

  1. Remove the Front Control Panel
  2. Remove the Mounting Screws
  3. Release the Clip
  4. Take a Photo of the Wires to help you remember the correct terminals.
  5. Now, detach the Wire Harness
  6. Unscrew the Ground Wire

Where to Buy Frigidaire Microwave Touchpad

You can purchase a touchpad kit directly from the Frigidaire website.


Question: Can Frigidaire Microwave Parts be Repaired?

Answer: It depends on what parts of the microwave are faulty. Sometimes, you can repair a faulty part of the microwave, and sometimes you have to replace the whole thing. But the direct answer would be yes.

Question: Where is the Door Switch on a Microwave?

Answer: Microwave door switches are usually located near the door latch. Microwave ovens typically have three or four-door switches. Then the door to your microwave is closed, a latch (also known as a hook) on the inside of the door comes into contact with and activates the door switch.

Question: How do I Reset a Frigidaire Microwave?

Answer: To do this, first find the microwave’s plug and remove it from the socket. Before turning on the microwave, wait two to three minutes.
Turn on the microwave and press the Clock button to set the time for the day. To set the time, minutes, and am/pm, turn the dial.

Question: Why is my Frigidaire Microwave not Heating?

Answer: If your frigidaire microwave is not heating, then it means your microwave’s magnetron is faulty. The Magnetron is a part of the microwave responsible for heat, so when it spoils, your microwave will produce heat. The failure of the magnetron is caused by overheating, and it cannot be repaired. If your magnetron goes bad, then it has to be replaced.

Question: How do I Know if My Microwave’s Magnetron is Bad?

Answer: Here are a few symptoms that indicate your microwave’s magnetron is bad: When you hear loud humming or vibrating noise from your microwave, it means the magnetron tube is faulty and may need to be replaced.
Weird clicking noise could be a sign of a damaged magnetron. Grinding or moaning sound could suggest a motor or turntable roller guide problem. A problem with the stirrer motor could cause rinding.

Question: Why does My Frigidaire Microwave Shut off After a Few Seconds?

Answer: This is a common problem. If your microwave shuts off after 3 seconds, it means that a door switch might be failing recurrently. Check the door switches for signs of overheating, arcing, or burning to fix this. F any of the switches are damaged, or intermittent, replace them.

Question:  Why does My Microwave Turn off Before the Set Time?

Answer: A sealed or obstructed oven vent surrounding the case may cause the microwave to turn off before the stated cooking time has expired. Over the vent or adjust the microwave oven so the vents aren’t obstructed. His will guarantee that airflow around the oven is adequate.

Frigidaire Microwave Parts Guide: Conclusion

The Frigidaire microwave is an excellent choice if what you’re looking for is a strong, reliable, and long-lasting microwave for your home. And as you know, a microwave, like any device, is just as good as its parts. If any part of the microwave’s parts is compromised, it affects the overall performance of the microwave and sometimes can lead to permanent damage.

Some parts of the microwave may require a lot more attention than others. While some parts can be repaired when broken, some have to be replaced entirely, like the magnetron.

Therefore it is important to learn how the parts of your Frigidaire microwave work and how to use and maintain them.

With proper care and maintenance, your Frigidaire can serve you well for a lengthy period of time. This article contains everything you need to know about your frigidaire microwave parts.

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