Maytag Dryer Model Guide: Which Is The Real Deal For You?

Maytag is a popular brand with a reputation for reliability. In fact, in JD Power’s 2021 customer satisfaction study, Maytag dryers came out second, losing only to Samsung by a narrow margin, and ranking just above LG. So, if you’re thinking about getting a Maytag dryer, then you’d be making a good choice. 

This Whirlpool-owned brand offers close to two dozen dryer models, each one offering something different from the last. To help you find the perfect dryer for your needs, we’ve put together this Maytag dryer model guide.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the main features found in Maytag dryers, and then we’ll help you figure out the ones that are ideal for you. We’ve also put together a list – later in the article – of our five favorite Maytag dryers that you should consider. So, keep reading to find out all you need to know.

Types of Maytag Dryers

Maytag’s lineup is made up of top-load and front-load dryers, which can be powered by either gas or electricity. 

Top-Load vs. Front-Load Dryers

Top-Load vs. Front-Load Dryers

Unlike top-load washers, top-load dryers aren’t actually loaded from the top – I know, the name is misleading. However, they’re named this way because the design emulates that of top-load washers to offer a uniform look when paired with a washer in the laundry room.

A top-load dryer has its controls on a backguard, just like in the washers, but they’re loaded through a door in the front face. These doors vary in design, with some opening downward, much like an oven door, and others swinging open to the right or left. 

Front-load dryers, on the other hand, have a similar look and door configuration to their washer counterparts. 

So Which One Should You Choose?

If you already have a Maytag washer, you should choose a dryer with a similar configuration. So, if you own a front-loader, then choose a front-load dryer and vice versa. 

If, however, you’re thinking about buying both a washer and dryer and you still haven’t settled on one, take a look at our breakdown below of the difference between a front-load and a top-load dryer. 

You can also check out this guide to finding the best washer, where we dive deeper into the difference between a top-load and a front-load washer. 

Difference Between a Top-Load and Front-Load Dryer

Top-Load Dryer Front-Load Dryer
The controls are placed on the backguard. The controls are on the front face.
They can’t be stacked on top of the washers. Front-load dryers can be stacked on top of front-load washers.
These models aren’t designed to be placed on pedestals. They can be placed on laundry pedestals.

Gas vs. Electric

Gas vs. Electric

Consider whether you’ll buy a gas dryer or an electric dryer. If your home has a dryer hookup for a specific fuel type, then this decision has been made for you. However, some homes have both, and if this is you, or you’re building a new home, then you have the luxury (or challenge) of choosing one or the other. 

Here’s a look at the difference between gas and electric dryers.

Gas Dryers

  • They use natural gas, which lights a burner that heats up the air within the dryer’s drum. 
  • The cost of gas is cheaper than that of electricity, so you’ll spend less to operate a gas dryer.
  • The initial cost of a gas dryer is higher since they’re more expensive, and you need a professional to connect the dryer to the gas line.
  • Gas dryers have a higher peak temperature than electric dryers, so they take a shorter time to dry clothes.
  • These dryers are more complicated to repair than electric models.
  • Gas dryers are more energy-efficient.

Electric Dryers

  • Electric dryers have a cheaper initial cost.
  • They are more expensive to operate since the cost of electricity is higher than that of gas.
  • These models are easy to install; simply plug them into the power outlet.
  • Their peak temperature isn’t as high as that of gas dryers, so they take longer to complete their cycles.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing them is less complicated.
  • You can get ventless electric dryers.

Which One Should You Choose?

Both gas and electric dryers require a power outlet, but gas dryers only require electricity to rotate the drum and power the control panel. Electric dryers require a 240-volt outlet that’s connected straight from your electrical panel. 

Gas dryers require a standard 120-volt outlet as well as a gas line. So, if there’s no gas line in your home, consider an electric dryer. If a gas line is available, then a gas dryer is a good choice. 

If you have a laundry room with both a high-voltage 240-volt outlet and a gas line hookup, then I recommend a gas dryer, if your budget allows it. They’re cheaper to operate, more efficient, and work faster. Plus, with improvements in dryer technology, they’re a lot safer than the older models that used pilot lights. 

However, you’ll have to spend a bit more on a technician who will set up your gas dryer – they’re harder to DIY. Afterward, the savings in monthly costs will help you recoup the initial cost over the dryer’s life.

Maytag’s cheapest electric dryer costs $750, while the cheapest gas dryer costs $850.

Main Features of Maytag Dryers and Things to Consider

Main Features of Maytag Dryers and Things to Consider


Consider the amount of space you have for your laundry appliances, and then choose the dryer size that will fit in your space. Maytag’s front-load dryers have a standard width of 27 inches, while the top-load models have a width of about 29 inches.

If your plan is to install your washer and dryer side by side, then factor a ‘breathing’ space of about 1 inch between the washer and dryer and on either side of the appliances. 

If you intend to stack the dryer on top of your washer, then measure the height of your laundry space to make sure the appliances will fit well. Maytag’s front-load dryers have a height of about 39 inches, similar to that of their washers. So, you’re looking at a laundry space height of at least 80 inches. 

Behind the dryer, make sure you leave about 6 inches as room for the power connections and venting. 


The capacity you choose for your dryer is determined by the one you have for your washer. If you’re still considering which capacity to choose for your washer, check out this piece we wrote on finding the ideal washer for your needs. 

Ideally, you should get a dryer that’s twice the washer capacity. So, if you get a washer that has 4 cubic feet, then your dryer needs to have a capacity of about 8 cubic feet.

Maytag’s smallest dryer has a capacity of 7.0 cubic feet, while their largest model has 7.4 cubic feet. Following the 1:2 washer-dryer ratio, if you have a washer of between 3.5 and 4 cubic feet then Maytag’s lineup has something perfect for you.

Remember, however, that you shouldn’t get a dryer that’s too big for your needs as it’ll end up expending energy that goes to waste. Similarly, if you get one that’s too small, the dryer will be overworked, thus lowering its lifespan.

Quick tip: If you have an old washer that you might replace in the near future, start thinking about the washer capacity you’re likely to buy and look for a dryer that’ll match your future washer.

Drying Cycles

Depending on the types of clothes/fabrics, Maytag’s dryers have several drying cycles to cater to varying needs. Think about which cycles would be most important to you to get a dryer that will serve you appropriately. 

A mistake people tend to make is choosing a dryer with many cycles, most of which they don’t get to use. Standard cycles in Maytag’s dryers include regular, delicates, heavy-duty, whites and Quick Dry.

Some models have special cycles for jeans and towels, as well as sanitize and steam cycles. If you have a lot of jeans then consider a model with the ‘jeans’ cycle. 

If you have kids, you might find the sanitize cycle quite useful in killing bacteria that they pick up while playing outside. Or, if your clothes are prone to wrinkling after a wash, the steam cycle would be a good one to have in your next dryer. 

So, think about your specific needs and the cycles that are most important to you then look for a model that has these drying cycles. 

Smart Features

With smart features, you’ll be able to remotely operate your dryer straight from your smartphone, even if you’re not at home. For this to happen, you must connect your appliance to your home WiFi network and download Maytag’s app.

The smartphone app will also send you a notification at the end of a cycle. Some models are also compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, allowing you to issue voice commands to your dryer.

These features are convenient to have, but they cost an extra penny. Consider them if your budget allows, as they make it easy for you to keep your laundry going while you run other errands. The lowest-priced Maytag smart dryer costs about $850.

Smart Grid Technology

Found in some of the higher-end models, smart grid technology helps to keep your power bill low. Maytag dryers with this feature connect to the smart grid and collect data on the times of day when electricity costs are lowest.

So, all you need to do is load the dryer, and it’ll run the cycle at the time when power rates are cheapest – this is usually at night. 

To enjoy this tech, you’ll have to part with over $1000. This Maytag front-load dryer is one of the company’s models with smart grid tech. 

Extra Features

Maytag Dryer

Consider any extra features that you would need in a dryer. These help to improve the effectiveness of your dryer, with some features designed to maintain the quality of your fabrics. 

Here are some extra features found in Maytag’s dryers;

Advanced Moisture Sensing

There’s little to no guesswork in modern dryers that have moisture sensors. These can tell whether your clothes are still damp and alter the heat level accordingly.

Maytag dryers with advanced moisture sensors take this a notch higher; employing three sensors instead of the standard two. These determine not only the moisture level of the tub but also the interior temperature. 

Models with this feature have consistently completed their cycles with evenly dry clothes. The sensors also help prevent over-drying – which quickly wears out clothes – by stopping a cycle as soon as the clothes are dry. 

Maytag’s higher-end models have Advanced Moisture Sensing Plus, with four moisture and temperature sensors. 

Extra Power Button

Some Maytag dryer models have the ‘Extra Power Button,’ which does exactly what the name says – it releases extra power to improve the dryer’s performance. You can activate ‘Extra Power’ within any drying cycle to boost the amount of heat and extend the drying time. 

This feature is best used with hard-to-dry fabrics that often come out with damp sections. According to Maytag, if your load has a mix of light clothes as well as heavy, Extra Power will ensure the entire load is dried uniformly.  Consider this feature if you have a mix of clothes and don’t like to dry them separately.


Maytag’s lowest-priced dryer costs about $750. This is a basic top-load dryer with standard cycles. The company’s most affordable front-load model costs 100 bucks more at $850. It has a capacity of 7.3 cubic feet with the Extra Power feature. 

If you’re looking for smart features, the lowest-priced model is a top loader that costs $850 with a capacity of 7.4 cubic feet.

On the higher end, Maytag’s most expensive dryer costs about $1400. If your budget can stretch this far, then you’ll enjoy all the convenient bells and whistles that a Maytag dryer can offer. This model has smart features as well as extra features like Extra Power and advanced moisture sensing. 

Be clear about how much you’re willing to spend on a dryer, depending on your needs. If you’re okay with basic dryer functions then you’ll be happy with the price range of $750 to $850. Since Maytag is a reliable brand, you will still get a dryer with a long lifespan at a lower price point.

5 Best Maytag Dryer Models


The five dryers below make it to this list based on the following factors:

  1. Customer ratings: They have four stars and above on the Maytag website as well as other e-commerce sites. 
  2. Sales: They are top sellers on Maytag’s website, with over 150 sales. A couple of them have over 1000 sales.
  3. Value for money: They need to offer value for their price.
  4. Extra features: The dryers offer a couple of extra features over and above standard drying functions.

Maytag MEDC465HW Large Capacity Top Load Dryer With Wrinkle Control

Maytag MEDC465HW

Affordability is the selling point of this top-load Maytag dryer. This is the company’s lowest-priced model that’s targeted at those on a tight budget.  Granted, there are cheaper dryers in the market from other companies, but let’s be honest, they don’t come with Maytag’s track record of reliability. At this price point, this model is, dare I say, one of the best. 

Its design is rather plain, with knobs for controls placed on the backguard. There’s a door on the front face that swings to the right – I know, it’s actually a front loader but the design emulates top-load washers. Despite its rather spartan looks, it has some handy features that are also found in higher-end Maytag dryers. These include Wrinkle Control and moisture sensors, which we’ll talk more about below.

The dryer’s large capacity of 7.0 cubic feet is actually the first thing that catches people’s attention. It’s spacious enough to hold your blankets and bedsheets. This model’s standout feature, however, is Wrinkle Control, and it does exactly what it says; it makes sure your clothes come out of the dryer wrinkle-free.  

The dryer is also armed with moisture sensors – two, to be precise. With these handy gizmos, the washer can tell how damp the load is by monitoring the moisture level of the dryer’s interior. As a result, your clothes come out uniformly dry. 

Main Features

  • This dryer has a capacity of 7.0 cubic feet.
  • It runs on electricity.
  • It has four temperature levels: air fluff, low, medium, and high.
  • There’s a Wrinkle Control feature.
  • The dryer is armed with two moisture sensors.
  • It boasts a heavy-duty motor.


Width: 29 inches

Height: 43 inches

Depth: 28 inches


  • This is an affordable dryer, costing about $750.
  • Its large capacity is perfect for large households.
  • Its drying performance is excellent, thanks to the moisture sensors that ensure loads are evenly dry.
  • The dryer turns off once the clothes are completely dry, saving energy and preventing over-drying.


  • This isn’t an Energy Star certified dryer.

Maytag MED6200KW Top Load Electric Dryer With Moisture Sensing

Maytag MED6200KW

You can see the resemblance between this Maytag dryer model and the one in number 1 above. The main difference is in the control panel. While the previous one has two knobs, this model has one, as well as a touch panel on the right side –  a more modern look. The other distinction is in the price; this model costs 100 dollars more, at $850. 

The Maytag MED6200KW model makes it to our list because it’s affordable. Agreed, it isn’t the company’s cheapest but it offers tremendous value for the price. This top-load dryer has 7.0 cubic feet of space, which is ideal for a family’s laundry needs.

And just like the previous model, it has two moisture sensors for effective drying performance. It also boasts the Wrinkle Prevent feature, which can run for over two hours after a cycle. What makes this dryer worth its price is the 11 cycles, among which there’s a Quick Dry cycle. And I must also mention that it has a drum light, which is for you if you always lose small garments in the drum. 

Main Features

  • This dryer has a capacity of 7.0 cubic feet.
  • It has 11 drying cycles, including a quick dry cycle.
  • There’s the Wrinkle Prevent feature.
  • It has two moisture sensors.
  • The interior has a drum light.
  • The dryer has a signal for when a cycle ends.


Width: 29 inches

Height: 41 inches

Depth: 28 inches


  • This dryer is reasonably priced at $850.
  • The moisture sensors improve drying performance.
  • Its drum light comes in handy when working in a dark space.
  • Its end-of-cycle signal alerts you when the dryer completes its job.
  • This model’s control panel looks modern and is easy to use.


  • It takes a while to dry large loads.

Maytag MED5630HW Front Load Electric Dryer

Maytag MED5630HW

If you’re looking for a front-load model, this is Maytag’s most affordable one, selling at $850. At the time of writing this piece, the model was out of stock, a testament to its popularity. And most customers have nothing but praise for this appliance, lauding its large capacity (it has 7.3 cubic feet) and its energy efficiency – it’s an Energy Star certified dryer. 

However, I love this dryer because it offers high-end features at a pocket-friendly price. One of these features is Extra Power, which is found in more expensive models. This works in collaboration with any of the 10 drying cycles.

Speaking of which, there’s a Quick Dry cycle so that you can wash and wear your clothes within a few minutes. And with the Wrinkle Prevent feature, you need not worry about pressing your outfit afterward. This model also boasts Maytag’s Advanced Moisture Sensing, which is a step up from the sensors in the models listed above. While the others have two sensors, this one has three to improve moisture tracking. 

Main Features

  • This front-load Maytag dryer has a capacity of 7.3 cubic feet.
  • It has 10 cycles that include a quick dry cycle.
  • It has the Wrinkle Prevent feature.
  • The dryer has the Extra Power feature.
  • There’s Advanced Moisture Sensing that’s made up of three sensors.


Width: 27 inches

Height: 39 inches

Depth: 31 inches


  • Its front-load design is modern and stylish.
  • The capacity of 7.3 cubic feet is perfect for large loads.
  • With Advanced Moisture Sensing, this dryer’s performance is excellent.
  • Extra Power makes it even more effective.
  • This dryer is Energy Star certified.
  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • The dryer is quiet.


  • It has no interior drum light.

Maytag MGD8630HW Smart Front Load Gas Dryer

Maytag MGD8630HW

This is the first smart dryer on our list, but definitely not the lowest-priced one in Maytag’s lineup. This specific model is a gas dryer, costing $1399. However, you can get its electric counterpart for 100 bucks less, which, apart from the fuel type, has similar features as this one. 

This model has made it to our list because first, gas dryers work faster and are cheaper to operate. That aside, this premium Maytag dryer offers all the bells and whistles that the company has to offer. Top of the list of features is smart functionality, so you can start and stop cycles when you’re not at home. And, yes, you’ll receive a notification when the cycle ends, just to keep you in the know. 

As you’d expect at this price point, this dryer also has Extra Power as well as Advanced Moisture Sensing Plus with not three but four sensors. There are also 13 dry cycles; yes, Quick Dry is among them, as well as a sanitize cycle. Just like the other models, this one has the Wrinkle Prevent feature, but this one includes steam for even better results. 

If you’re looking for a dryer that does it all, then this is one to consider. And compared to models from other brands, it’s not too expensive. 

Main Features

  • This Maytag dryer has a capacity of 7.3 cubic feet.
  • It has smart functionality.
  • There’s the Extra Power feature.
  • This model has Advanced Moisture Sensing Plus, with four moisture sensors.
  • It is a gas dryer.
  • It has Wrinkle Control with steam function.
  • There are 13 drying cycles.
  • It has a sanitize cycle that uses high temperatures to kill bacteria.


Width: 27 inches

Height: 39 inches

Depth: 31 inches


  • With smart functionality, you can remotely operate and monitor the dryer.
  • You can use voice-command to control the dryer.
  • This model has smart grid technology, so the dryer can be set to run when electricity costs are lowest.
  • The extra moisture sensor makes this a highly effective dryer.
  • It is an energy-efficient appliance.


  • It costs more than its electric counterpart.

Maytag MGD6230HW Smart Capable Top Load Gas Dryer

Maytag MGD6230HW

This Maytag dryer gets us excited because it’s a smart model costing less than $1000. This specific one is a gas model, but you can save $100 if you go for the MED6230HW model, its electric-powered twin.  Whichever one you choose, you’ll enjoy a large capacity of 7.4 cubic feet as well as Advanced Moisture Sensing to ensure the large load is evenly dried. 

This model’s performance ranks up there among more expensive ones, thanks to features like Extra Power as well as Wrinkle Prevent option. You’ll also enjoy the Quick Dry cycle for when you’re in a hurry. Still, you can start a cycle if you’re not at home – the smart features allow you to operate the dryer from your phone via Maytag’s app. And when the cycle is done, you’ll get a notification.

All these features, plus the reasonable price tag, make this Maytag dryer one of our favorite models.

Main Features

  • This dryer has a capacity of 7.4 cubic feet.
  • It has smart functionality and can be operated via Maytag’s app.
  • This model can be operated using voice-command.
  • It has Advanced Moisture Sensing.
  • The dryer also has the Extra Power feature.
  • It has Wrinkle Prevent option.
  • There’s a Quick Dry cycle.


Width: 27 inches

Height: 41 inches

Depth: 30 inches


  • This dryer costs less than $1000.
  • It has smart functionality, so you can easily operate and monitor it remotely.
  • The dryer’s performance is excellent.
  • Its large drum is great for heavy loads like blankets.


  • There’s no end-of-cycle sound alert.


Question: Are Maytag Dryers Any Good?

Answer: Yes, Maytag’s dryers are known for their reliability, ranking second in JD Power’s customer satisfaction studies, behind Samsung. 

Question: Are Electric Dryers Safer Than Gas?

Answer: Modern gas dryers, if properly installed, are as safe as electric dryers since they no longer come with a pilot light; rather, they have electronic surface ignitors. However, the risk of gas dryers is in gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaks, which aren’t unique to dryers alone, but also gas stoves. 

Question: Is it Better to Buy a Washer and Dryer Together?

Answer: If you need both a washer and dryer, then it’s better to buy them together since most stores will offer discounts on bundled sets. You’ll also be able to get a pair that’s uniform in design for a more stylish look when installed in your laundry room.

Bottom Line

Maytag’s reputation for reliability and the affordable dryer models make the company’s dryers good options for your next purchase.

So, if you’re shopping for your next dryer, keep in mind your washer’s design, your present and future laundry needs, your budget, and any extra features you’ll find handy. If you’re also shopping for a washer, consider buying a bundled washer and dryer set to take advantage of store discounts. 

For more information on choosing the best dryer for your needs, check out this guide. And if you’re considering other brands as well, take a look at our Frigidaire and Whirlpool model guides.  

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