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Maintaining our homes can pose a lot of challenges and appliances are no exception. Imagine walking into the kitchen one morning and reaching for the coffee pot only to discover that your socks are wet. What do you do? Do you attempt to repair your leaky dishwasher or kick it to the curb and order a shiny new appliance? Even then, do you go for the shiniest, newest appliance on the market or a tried and true workhorse that will get the job done without any bells and whistles?

Finding new home appliances can be overwhelming. Stoves, refrigerators, and even microwaves change and regularly improve with advancements in technology and features.

Not to mention the cost of purchasing these items. It can take hours to dig through reviews or tech manuals to find the information you need to make an informed decision.

And what if you were better off just repairing the appliance yourself? Your problem could have an easy solution, if only you knew where to look!

We often resign ourselves to making the best decisions we can with the information in front of us, but what if we had access to better, more organized information?

That’s why we created Appliance FAQs to serve as an informative, easy-to-understand resource for all your burning appliance-related questions.

We’re here to help you find the best appliances for your needs and keep them in working order! Whether you are searching for a whole new kitchen suite or are simply looking to replace your old stove from the 80s, we can help!

Our team of appliance experts aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. They’re home repair fanatics, fixers, and engineers who love to take things apart and see how they work. They combine their knowledge with meticulous research, near-obsessive product testing, and a passion for writing to guide you through choosing your next appliance or repairing an existing one with ease. You’re in good hands! 

Appliance FAQs Mission 

Our goal here at Appliance FAQS is to help you find new appliances when the ones you have just need to go! From fancy ovens with all the bells and whistles to the essential microwave, we want to make sure you have the highest quality products within your budget.

We also want to help you learn to repair and maintain your appliances.  If you have a stove that is only a few years old, it can be much easier and cheaper to repair it than replace it. Learning how to do it yourself can save you even more money!

The Appliance FAQs User Manual

We offer a variety of reviews and guides on kitchen appliances, washers, and dryers. Our in-depth reviews will help you decide if an appliance has the features you want and will fit your needs.

We focus on the brands you know and love and deep dive into the features they offer and how they can enrich your life. Whether you want to replace your stove with something simple and intuitive, or you are ready to dive into technology and learn about wifi-enabled smart fridges, we can set you on the right path. We understand that our readers have different budgets, needs, and household sizes, and we make recommendations that fit all lifestyles.

Our guides on troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining your appliances can help you figure out why your appliances aren’t running properly, track down the right parts, ensure they are correctly installed, and keep your appliances running in top condition. We focus on offering you the best step-by-step, easy-to-follow, and understandable instructions and advice.

How We Operate

We have a talented team of appliance experts and writers here at Appliance FAQ. They aren’t afraid to take their time and really get to know an appliance. Whether that means they make 10 bags of popcorn to find the perfect microwave setting or bake a variety of dishes to make sure the oven heats evenly. They want to get the most out of each appliance, so they can pass that knowledge on to you!

Our team of editors takes every article and carefully checks it to ensure that it meets our quality guidelines. They ensure each article looks perfect, is factual, and is easy to read. The editors also work hard to keep our site up to date with the latest appliances and information.

Lastly, our readers at Appliance FAQs help us improve immensely. Your suggestions and advice are critical to our success. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to grow and improve what we offer. Never hesitate to contact us with advice or suggestions for how we can improve.

Our core values

  • Passion
  • Safety
  • Trustworthiness
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Ingenuity

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