Electrolux Dryer Model Guide

Electrolux is a renowned brand, and the company’s dryers are rated as some of the most reliable in the market. This is according to reviews from reputable sites like Consumer Reports and Digital Trends, which found Electrolux dryer models to be among the best performers.

So, if you’re thinking about getting an Electrolux dryer, you’re on track to owning an appliance that’s bound to serve you for years to come. However, as you’ll see in this guide, the company only has front-load models in their lineup, locking out those who want dryers to pair with their top-load washers. More on the types of Electrolux dryers below.

In this Electrolux dryer model guide, we’ve discussed what to look out for when choosing a dryer, and later we have a list of our top recommendations of Electrolux dryers that you should consider. 

Types of Electrolux Dryers

All of Electrolux’s dryer models are front-loaders, but there are both gas and electric models. Which one is right for you? Keep reading to find out.

Gas Dryers

These dryers are best for those who have a gas line connected to their home. They use gas to produce heat, but you’ll still need an electric connection to power the control panel and the drum light.

But don’t worry because they don’t consume a lot of electricity. However, gas dryers are generally more expensive to buy than their electric counterparts. On average, Electrolux’s gas dryers are $100 more expensive than similarly specced electric models.

Pros of Gas Dryers

  • They’re cheaper to operate since gas costs less than electricity in most cases.
  • Gas dryers produce more heat and, therefore, have shorter cycles.
  • These types of dryers also heat up faster than electric models.

Cons of Gas Dryers

  • They’re more expensive to buy than electric models.
  • You need a professional to install a gas dryer.
  • There’s a risk of gas and carbon monoxide leaks. 

Electric Dryers

Electrolux Electric Dryers

These models need electricity to produce heat, so they consume a lot of power. Because of this, you’ll need a high-voltage outlet with an output of 240 volts instead of the standard 110/120-volt outlets.  Despite costing less than gas models, you’ll have to contend with higher electricity bills when using an electric dryer. So, it’s best to consider models that are Energy Star certified to minimize this cost. 

Pros of Electric Dryers

  • Their purchase cost is lower than that of similarly specced gas models.
  • You don’t need professional installation as long as you have a 240-volt outlet.
  • Electric models don’t produce carbon monoxide.

Cons of Electric Dryers

  • They cost more to operate.
  • Electric dryers take longer to heat, resulting in longer cycles.
  • These dryers aren’t as energy efficient as gas models.

Which Type of Electrolux Dryer Should You Buy?

Consider a gas dryer if you already have gas hookups in your home. However, if there’s no gas line, it would be expensive to get a connection making electric dryers the ideal choice for you. 

Quick Tip: To know whether an Electrolux dryer model is gas or electric, check the fourth letter in its model code. If the letter is E then it’s an electric model, and if the letter is G then it’s a gas model.

For example; the dryer model ELFE7337AW is an electric one and ELFG7337AW is gas-powered. 

Ventless Dryers

If you live in an apartment or your home doesn’t have a vent, consider buying a ventless dryer. These models work by drawing in surrounding air that is heated and used to dry the load. The evaporated moisture is then directed to a condensation chamber, where the condensed water is collected and drained. 

In some models, the condensed water is collected in a tray that you have to empty at the end of the cycle. Other models have a drain through which this water is passed. Electrolux has one ventless condensation dryer model in their lineup, which has a direct drain kit, so you don’t have to keep emptying a tray.

Pros of Ventless Dryers

  • Ventless dryers are easy to install, and they can be connected anywhere since they don’t require an exhaust.
  • They’re also cheaper to install.
  • These models are ideal for those who live in apartment buildings.
  • They are more efficient than vented models since the heated air within the dryer is recycled.

Cons of Ventless Dryers

  • These models generally have a smaller capacity than vented models.
  • They don’t get as hot as vented dryers, meaning longer drying times.
  • Ventless dryers are more expensive than vented models. 

Should You Buy a Ventless Dryer?

If you have a small space then consider a ventless dryer. These models can be installed in cabinets or stacked on top of washers. Just make sure that there’s enough airflow by leaving about an inch of space all around the appliance.

Main Features of Electrolux Dryers (and What to Consider)

Electrolux Electric Dryer

Sizes and Capacities

All but one of the Electrolux dryers have the same size – they all have a width of 27 inches. These models also have the same capacity of 8.0 cubic feet. The only model with a different size and capacity is the company’s ventless dryer, which has a width of 24 inches and a capacity of just 4.0 cubic feet. 

It’s advised that the dryer you get should have twice the capacity of your washer. So, if you buy one of Electrolux’s 8.0-cubic-foot washers, then your washer should have a capacity of about 4.0 cubic feet. If you’re also looking for an Electrolux washer, check out our guide here.

Noise Level

Consider a Washer with low noise levels, especially if you have a small home. Thankfully, Electrolux’s dryers have a feature known as Luxury-Quiet Sound System. With this feature, Electrolux promises us that the dryer will run silently and so it can be operated at any time. 

Display and Controls

All Electrolux dryers have a similar control panel and display layout. They rock a circular LED display in the middle of the control panel with touch-sensitive buttons for selecting the cycle, cycle options, dry time, and dry level. 

Although some models have numerous settings to go through, they’re still quite easy to decipher and use. To prevent inadvertent presses, you can activate the control lock feature. This especially comes in handy if you have kids.

Drying Performance

There are several features in Electrolux’s dryers that improve drying performance and efficiency. Here are the main ones;

  • LuxCare Drying System: In most dryers, the sensors require contact with the clothes in order to detect moisture levels. However, dryers with the LuxCare system have sensors that can detect moisture in clothes in the middle of the load, not just those on the surface. Because of this, all items in the load will be evenly dry at the end of a cycle, and there are also fewer chances of over-drying your clothes.
  • Predictive Dry: This is a smart feature that works in collaboration with the moisture sensors to determine the amount of drying time required for your load. As Electrolux tells us, Predictive Dry will analyze your load within the initial 90 seconds of a cycle and will alter the time depending on how damp the load is. This helps to avoid over/under drying by calculating a more accurate time for the cycle.
  • Gentle Dry: Found in the ventless dryer model, this feature is ideal for delicate fabrics that are sensitive to high heat. Gentle Dry uses less heat than regular cycles, thus using less electricity while being gentle on your load.
  • Reverse Tumble: Instead of tumbling in one direction, reverse tumble alternates the direction. As a result, clothes don’t get tangled together and they’ll dry more evenly.
  • Perfect Steam Option: By using steam, the dryer is able to eliminate creases, leaving them wrinkle-free at the end of a cycle. Most of Electrolux’s washers have this feature, like this model, which also happens to be one of the company’s lowest-priced ones.

Energy Use and Energy Star Certification

Electrolux Electric Dryer

The Energy Star certification is awarded by the US Energy Protection Agency, to appliances that are energy efficient. Thankfully, all of Electrolux’s dryers have this certification, assuring you of minimal energy use. According to Energy Star, a certified dryer will consume 20% less energy than one that isn’t. 

The Electrolux ELFE4222AW ventless model uses the least energy at just 317 kWh/yr. Of course, this is because it’s also the smallest model. The 8.0-cubic-foot models use from 608 kWh/yr to 687 kWh/yr. 

Drying Cycles

Electrolux’s dryers have several cycles, but here are the standout ones to consider having in your next dryer;

Fast Dry

This cycle is able to dry a load within as little as 15 minutes. This drying time depends on the Electrolux model, with the lower-priced dryers taking about 20 minutes. Still, this is significantly less time than that of a normal cycle. 

However, remember that Fast Dry is best used with a small load as heavy loads won’t come out completely dry. For instance, if you’ve just washed your day’s outfit, you can use this cycle to have it ready to wear within 20 minutes.

Instant Refresh 

Clothes tend to develop an odor if they’ve been in a stuffy closet or drawer for days. Instant Refresh helps to remove the odors as well as wrinkles within just 10 minutes. This cycle works well with small loads of up to four items, so you can use it to refresh just what you want to wear. 

Air Dry

Electrolux’s highest-end dryer has an Air Dry cycle, which draws air into the drum while using a very small level of heat. This cycle is perfect for delicate fabrics, and it also helps to save energy. According to The Spruce, this cycle also does a great job at removing dust, pet hair, and lint from clothes.

Price of Electrolux Dryers (and Your Budget)

If you have a budget of less than $1000, then, sadly, Electrolux doesn’t have an option for you; the company’s lowest-priced dryer costs $1100. The most expensive model costs $1600, offering Electrolux’s flagship features like LuxCare Dry and Instant Refresh, as well as a 15-minute Fast Dry cycle. 

If you’re on a tight budget, consider Whirlpool’s options. Check out our Whirlpool dryer model guide.

Top Recommended Electrolux Dryer Models

Selection Criteria

To come up with this list of the top Electrolux dryers, we considered the following;

  1. Positive customer ratings: The dryers on our list have a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 and above, with at least 70% 5-star reviews on Electrolux’s website.
  2. Top sellers: We looked for dryers with at least 500 reviews on the Electrolux website, which is a reflection of the number of sales of the appliance.
  3. Performance: These dryers are the best performers in their class. To identify this, we considered not only the customer reviews but also the features available.
  4. Value for money: Finally, we considered the value you get for the price you pay. 

Most Affordable Electrolux Dryer – Electrolux ELFE7337AW Model

Electrolux ELFE7337AW Model

This happens to be the lowest-priced dryer in the company’s lineup, costing just over $1000. Granted, compared to other brands with sub-1000-dollar models, this is quite expensive. However, it makes it to this list because, despite being Electrolux’s most affordable, it holds its own quite well among the more expensive models, offering features that are found at the higher price point.

To begin with, this dryer rocks the typical Electrolux design: the control panel at the top with a circular LED display at the center of it. It also comes in just one color option, white.

So, there’s nothing to write home about its design. Still, this isn’t a bad thing – you want a dryer that does its job, not one that just looks good. The ELFE7337AW model is certainly a workhorse, as you’d expect from an Electrolux appliance. 

As is expected, this dryer is fitted with the company’s world-class moisture sensors. However, it doesn’t have the advanced LuxCare system, but that’s not an issue at this price point. It also has the Luxury-Quiet Sound System that keeps it silent while working, as most customers can attest. 

There are seven drying cycles in this model, and among these is a Fast Dry cycle that completes its job within just 20 minutes. 

Main Features

  • The Electrolux ELFE7337AW has a capacity of 8.0 cubic feet.
  • It has seven drying cycles.
  • There’s a delay start feature of between 1 to 12 hours.
  • It has the LuxCare Lint Shield.
  • The door is reversible.
  • There’s the Luxury-Quiet Sound System.
  • This dryer is Energy Star certified.


  • This Electrolux dryer model is the company’s most affordable.
  • It’s very quiet, thanks to the Luxury-Quiet Sound System.
  • It has a delay-start function of up to 12 hours.
  • The 8.0-cubic-foot capacity is perfect for a large household.
  • You can attach a laundry pedestal to raise the dryer.
  • It is an energy-efficient dryer.


  • There’s no drum light.

Most Value For Money – Electrolux ELFE7437AW Model

Electrolux ELFE7437AW Model

The Electrolux ELFE7437AW model costs just $50 more than the model we’ve featured above. However, it offers significantly more features, including Perfect Steam and Instant Refresh. We’ll talk about these features in a bit. This dryer, like all others in Electrolux’s lineup, has a large capacity of 8.0 cubic feet and a width of 27 inches, just the right size for a family’s needs.

There’s a bright LED display in the middle of the control panel area, and the touch-sensitive buttons are located to its right; this is Electrolux’s design language. I like that the control panel is clearly labeled, and it’s quite easy to decipher and use.

To get your clothes dry, you can select one of seven cycles. This model has Instant Refresh and Fast Dry among them. In fact, the fast dry cycle is slightly faster than the model above – it runs for just 18 minutes. You also get drying options like Perfect Steam and Wrinkle Release, which help to keep your clothes free of creases. 

Inside the drum, there’s a bright LED light that Electrolux calls Luxury-Design Lighting. Fancy naming aside, this light does what you expect it to do; it brightly illuminates the drum so you won’t lose small items in there.

Main Features

  • The Electrolux ELFE7437AW model has a capacity of 8.0 cubic feet.
  • It has seven drying cycles.
  • There’s an 18-minute Fast Dry cycle.
  • It also has the Instant Refresh cycle.
  • There’s a Perfect Steam drying option.
  • It’s equipped with the Luxury-Quiet Sound System.
  • The drum has an LED light.
  • This dryer is Energy Star certified.


  • Features like Instant Refresh and Perfect Steam make this dryer a top performer in its class.
  • It’s a quiet appliance.
  • You can reverse the door to open to the left if you choose.
  • It dries quickly.
  • The light on the control panel is quite bright.
  • There’s a drum light.


  • There’s no smart functionality.

Top Performer – Electrolux ELFE7537AT Model

Electrolux ELFE7537AT Model

Speaking of features, Electrolux gave this model some of the best features, with the LuxCare Dry System as its standout tech. Of course, at its $1400 price point, this is expected. In fact, users praise its performance, confirming that it leaves clothes feeling soft at the end of a cycle. Moreover, it boasts the Instant Refresh cycle, which does a great job at eliminating odors and wrinkles. 

Just like the previous models, this one also has the Fast Dry cycle. However, this one completes drying in just 15 minutes. And it also has the Predictive Dry feature that accurately estimates the drying time for you, thus preventing over-drying. There are actually 10 drying cycles in the ELFE7537AT with Instant Refresh as a standout one.

Electrolux dryers come with reversible doors, and this model is no exception. With the help of a screwdriver, you can shift the hinge to the left side and the door latch to the right and vise versa. However, Electrolux advises that you get a professional to do this for you to avoid possible damage. 

Main Features

  • This Electrolux dryer has a capacity of 8.0 cubic feet.
  • It has 10 drying cycles. 
  • There’s a 15-minute Fast Dry cycle.
  • The dryer also has an Activewear Cycle.
  • This dryer has Electrolux’s LuxCare Dry System.
  • There’s the Instant Refresh cycle and a Perfect Steam option.
  • It also has the Predictive Dry feature.
  • It’s fitted with the Luxury-Quiet Sound System.
  • This dryer is Energy Star certified.


  • This Electrolux dryer is very quiet.
  • The door is reversible.
  • Its drum light is very bright.
  • The Predictive Dry feature accurately determines the amount of time required for a cycle.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • The lint shield seems to fill up quickly.

Best Premium Electrolux Dryer – Electrolux ELFE7637AT Model

Electrolux ELFE7637AT Model

At the top of Electrolux’s line is the ELFE7637AT model, costing about $1500. This is also one of the company’s top-selling dryers, a testament to its excellent features. The dryer comes in two color options: titanium and white. The titanium option looks more premium than the white one, but that’s just my opinion.

You’ll notice the Electrolux family resemblance, marked by a touch-sensitive control panel and an LED display in the middle. Orbiting this display is a knob that you use to select the drying cycle. Speaking of cycles, this model has 11 of them. Among them is an Air Dry cycle, which is unavailable in the previous models.

There’s also an Instant Refresh cycle as well as a 15-minute Fast Dry cycle. And it goes without saying that, at this price point, you also get the LuxCare Dry System. 

Despite its numerous features, the Electrolux ELFE7637AT dryer isn’t complicated to use. The controls are well labeled and the only learning curve is in figuring out which cycle is appropriate for your load. However, with the Predictive Dry feature, you don’t have to worry about figuring out the appropriate drying time as the dryer will do this for you.

Main Features

  • This dryer has a capacity of 8.0 cubic feet.
  • It has 11 drying cycles.
  • There’s an Air Dry cycle. 
  • The dryer is fitted with the LuxCare Dry System.
  • It also has an Instant Refresh cycle.
  • Its Fast Dry cycle takes 15 minutes to complete.
  • There’s a Predictive Dry feature.
  • It has a LuxCare Lint Shield.
  • There’s a drum light known as Luxury-Design Lighting.
  • This washer also has the Luxury-Quiet Sound System.


  • The titanium version looks stylish.
  • Its drying performance is top-notch.
  • You can choose the Air Dry cycle if you don’t want to use a lot of heat.
  • It’s very quiet.
  • The dryer is easy to use.


  • There’s no Wifi connectivity.


Question: How Long Should a Dryer Last?

Answer: With proper maintenance, your dryer should serve you for 10 years on average. Proper maintenance involves regularly cleaning it and not overloading it.

Question: What is the Most Reliable Dryer Brand?

Answer: According to the 2021 JD Power appliance satisfaction study, Samsung dryers offer the highest customer satisfaction. Consumer Reports, on the other hand, identifies LG as the most reliable dryer. 

Question: Are There top-loading Dryers?

Answer: There aren’t any dryers that are actually loaded from the top since all are loaded from the front. However, manufacturers have designed dryers that emulate the look of top-load washers for those who want to pair the two and maintain a uniform look. 

Bottom Line

Electrolux dryers are excellent appliances that perform well, according to customer reviews. Their features, which include moisture sensors, the high-end LuxCare Drying System, and Predictive Dry, make these some of the best in the market.

However, you’ll have to spare more than $1000 if Electrolux is your preferred brand. And if you’re looking for a top-load design, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

If you can’t find what you want in Electrolux’s lineup, consider Frigidaire, which has some top-load models. Check out our Frigidaire dryer model guide to find out more.

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