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GE Monogram Dishwasher Review & Guide: A Look at GE’s Luxury Brand

There are a few differences between GE’s standard and Monogram brands that we’ll dive deeper into a little bit later in this article. However, the main difference is in the price point, with the Monogram series as one of the company’s luxury line of appliances.

So, if you’re looking for a GE Monogram dishwasher, then you’re probably looking for a high-end professional-grade dishwasher for your home. 

In this GE Monogram dishwasher guide, you’ll find out what features set the Monogram line apart from the standard GE, the GE Profile, and GE Cafe models. I’ve also put together a list of things that you should consider before settling on a dishwasher.

And, if you’re ready to make a purchase, I’ve listed five GE Monogram dishwasher models that I think you should place at the top of your list. 

monogram dishwasher

Bottom Line Up Front

Monogram dishwashers are ideal for those looking for a luxury brand but don’t have the budget for a Thermador or a Wolf appliance. If this is you then I recommend the Monogram dishwashers. My top recommendation is the Monogram ZDT985SPNSS, which has an unbelievably low sound level and excellent cleaning power.

My Recommended GE Monogram Dishwasher Models

  1. My top recommendation: Monogram ZDT985SPNSS – Low sound level of 39 dBA, 16 place settings, advanced wash system.
  2. Reasonably priced option: Monogram ZDT925SPNSS – Steam + Sani feature, 42 dBA sound level, interior LED light.
  3. Custom-panel option: Monogram ZDT925SINII – 16 place settings, custom-panel design, built-in WiFI.
  4. Compact dishwasher option: Monogram ZDT165SILII – 8 place settings, 18-inch width, optional third rack.

Unique Features of GE Monogram Dishwashers

Max Dry System

This feature is found in all GE Monogram dishwashers. GE describes it as an efficient drying system that is designed to effectively dry all types of dishes. The system is made up of two fans and a heater fan, all of which work together to deliver effectively dried dishes at the end of a cycle. Online reviews and past customers attest that these dishwashers have great drying performance thanks to this system.

Steam and Sanitization

Steam helps to loosen caked-on food, eliminating the need to pre-rinse dishes before a cycle. Thankfully, this feature is found in GE Monogram dishwashers to improve cleaning performance. The steam feature also works with a sanitization cycle, that uses high heat to kill bacteria left in dishes.

Status Indicator

GE Monogram dishwashers are very quiet as you’ll see later in this article. In fact, it’s hard to tell whether some of these dishwashers are running. Therefore, all models come with a status indicator on the door to let you know when the dishwasher is running and when the cycle has ended.

Interior LED Lighting

These dishwashers also have an LED light in the tub, a feature that’s quite handy to have if your kitchen isn’t brightly lit. Even if you do have a bright kitchen, there will be certain crannies in the tub that may not be well illuminated. So, with an interior light, you won’t leave any item in the dishwasher.

WiFi Connectivity

GE Monogram dishwashers boast WiFi connectivity, which makes them smart appliances. Because of this, you can operate the dishwasher via your smartphone. These appliances are also compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to issue voice commands to operate the dishwasher.

Advanced Wash System

The advanced wash system in GE Monogram dishwashers is made up of 3 wash arms and over 90 spray jets. All these ensure that the dishes in all racks are reached by the water. They also have special jets for silverware and bottles.

This system also boasts a soil sensor and automatic temperature control.

Piranha™ Hard Food Disposer

To prevent blockages, the GE Monogram dishwashers are equipped with a Piranha™ hard food disposer. This feature crushes food particles, so you need not spend time pre-rinsing dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. 

dishwasher monogram

What to Consider before Buying a Monogram Dishwasher


If you’re looking for a dishwasher with hidden controls then the Monogram models are a perfect fit for you. Sadly, there aren’t any front-control dishwashers in the Monogram lineup. This is because the brand focuses on minimalist designs that integrate into any kitchen.

Therefore, you’ll only find stainless steel finishes or custom-panel models; the front face of a custom-panel dishwasher emulates the look of your kitchen cabinet doors.

Cleaning Performance

Consider the cleaning and drying performance of your preferred dishwasher by checking user reviews as well as special features. For instance, the Monogram dishwashers have the company’s Advanced Wash System. As I mentioned above, this system has a wash arm for each rack as well as over 90 spray jets. This is an indication that water will reach all the dishes. 

Also, features like soil sensors and filters boost the dishwasher’s performance and are worth considering. Thankfully, the Monogram dishwashers have all these.  

Place Settings

The number of dishes that you can fit in a dishwasher is dependent on its place settings. You can get a Monogram dishwasher with 16 place settings or a compact one with 8 place settings. The latter is perfect for a small household of one or two people. 

Other brands also sell dishwashers with 12, 14, and 15 place settings, so if you’re looking for a different capacity, consider one of the alternatives that I’ve recommended later in this article.

Sound Level

The sound level is measured in decibels with some of the loudest models at about 60 dB. I always recommend getting a dishwasher with 52 dB or less to ensure that the sound isn’t too distracting. 

Monogram’s dishwashers are very quiet, with the loudest at 46 dBA and the quietest at just 39 dBA. 

Tub Material

Budget dishwashers often have plastic tubs, which aren’t as durable as their stainless steel counterparts and they can’t handle high temperatures. They’re the inexpensive alternative for those who don’t want to spend over $1000. Stainless steel, however, is the better option if you’re looking for a dishwasher that will last.

Monogram dishwashers are high-end appliances with stainless steel tubs. Therefore, they are durable and allow for use of high temperatures in certain cycles. 

monogram custom-panel dishwasher

Energy/Water Efficiency

Finally, consider dishwashers that are energy and water efficient to keep your monthly bills low. The US Department of Energy mandates that standard-sized dishwashers should not use more than 5.0 gallons of water per cycle and compact dishwashers shouldn’t use more than 3.5 gallons.

Monogram dishwashers have a water filtration system that enables the appliance to reuse water within a cycle, thus saving on water. These models are also Energy Star certified and use about 270 kWh of electricity annually. This is well below the mandated maximum annual consumption of 307 kWh. 

Recommended GE Monogram Dishwasher Models

Selection Criteria

  • Price – I selected models with different prices to give an option to people with different budgets.  
  • Features – These models have some of Monogram’s best features that make them top-performing dishwashers.
  • Size/Capacity – I also considered different dishwasher sizes in the Monogram lineup, to give an option for buyers with different needs.

Monogram ZDT985SPNSS Fully Integrated Dishwasher

monogram zdt985spnss fully integrated dishwasher

Main Features

  • The dishwasher has a width of 24 inches.
  • It has 16 place settings.
  • There are three racks with fold-down tines, utility shelves, and a silverware basket.
  • This model has an interior LED light.
  • Its tub is made of stainless steel.
  • There’s the Max Dry system.
  • It also has an advanced wash system.
  • There are 7 wash cycles and 11 wash options.
  • It has built-in WiFi.
  • The dishwasher’s sound level is 39 dBA.
  • There’s a soil sensor.
  • This Monogram dishwasher is Energy Star certified.

Two features in the Monogram ZDT985SPNSS stand out for me: the low sound level and the interior LED light. At just 39 dBA, this is one of the quietest dishwashers on the market. In fact, you can hardly tell when a cycle is in progress unless you check the status indicator. Speaking of cycles, the Steam + Sani option is a handy one to have. This feature boosts the cleaning power of the cycles it works with, resulting in perfectly cleaned dishes. 

The Monogram brand is known for its premium quality and the price tag suggests the same; this model costs $2400. You might get a cheaper model from the likes of Samsung or even the standard GE, but if you’re looking for quality and style, this is worth the price. 

Pros Cons
  • It’s very quiet.
  • The Steam + Sani option eliminates the need to pre-rinse dishes.
  • It’s a costly dishwasher.

Monogram ZDT925SPNSS Dishwasher

monogram zdt925spnss dishwasher

Main Features

  • The Monogram ZDT925SPNSS has a width of 24 inches.
  • It has 16 place settings.
  • There’s a third-level rack.
  • This model has 7 wash cycles.
  • It has a Steam + Sanitization feature.
  • The dishwasher’s sound level is 42 dBA.
  • It has a Max Dry system with 2 fans and a heater.
  • There’s an interior LED light.
  • It has a removable filter and a hard food disposer.
  • The tub is made of stainless steel.
  • It has built-in WiFi.
  • The dishwasher is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Monogram ZDR925SPNSS dishwasher is a slightly cheaper version of the model featured above. At a retail price of about $2100, it’s still an expensive dishwasher compared to competing brands. However, for the price, you’ll enjoy owning a luxurious Monogram appliance with a sleek stainless steel finish. 

Like other Monogram dishwashers, this one also has an LED interior light, which goes without saying at this point. This model is also quiet, but not as quiet as its more expensive counterpart. With a sound level of 42 dBA, it’s still a very silent dishwasher that is hard to notice when running.

Pros Cons
  • It has a sleek design.
  • The dishwasher has excellent cleaning performance.
  • You can schedule service via the smartphone app.
  • The regular cycle is rather long.

Monogram ZDT925SINII Custom-Panel Dishwasher

monogram zdt925sinii custom-panel dishwasher

Main Features

  • This dishwasher has a width of 24 inches.
  • It has 16 place settings.
  • There are 11 wash cycles and 7 wash options.
  • There are 3 racks with adjustable tines.
  • This dishwasher has delay start for up to 12 hours.
  • There’s a bottle wash section.
  • It has a silverware basket and stemware shelves.
  • There’s built-in WiFi.
  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • This model has Sabbath Mode.
  • Its sound level is 42 dBA.
  • It has a child lock feature.

If you’re looking for a dishwasher that can be hidden behind the cabinetry then consider the Monogram ZDT925SINII, which is a custom-panel dishwasher model. This means that you can attach a cabinet panel on the front face to make it look like the rest of your kitchen cabinets. 

All other features of this model are similar to its Monogram dishwasher counterparts. This includes the interior light, the place settings, the advanced wash system, and even the whisper-quiet sound level. This model has a sound level of just 42 dBA. And, since it’s hidden amongst the kitchen cabinets, it’s going to be hard to tell whether it’s running, especially since there’s no visible indicator. 

Pros Cons
  • Its design allows you to maintain a uniform kitchen look.
  • The dishwasher is whisper silent.
  • There’s no visible indicator to let you know whether the dishwasher is running.

Monogram ZDT165SILII 18” Dishwasher

monogram zdt165silii 18 dishwasher

Main Features

  • The Monogram ZDT165SILII has a width of 18 inches.
  • It has 8 place settings.
  • The dishwasher has 3 wash cycles and 5 wash options.
  • It has a custom-panel design.
  • There are two rack levels.
  • It has a stainless steel tub.
  • There’s a 3-level wash system.
  • It also has a 3-stage filtration system.
  • The dishwasher’s sound level is 46 dBA.
  • There’s a Piranha™ hard food disposer.

This Monogram dishwasher is ideal for a compact kitchen or a household with one or two people. With a width of 18 inches and 8 place settings, you may struggle to fit larger dishes like pots and pans if the upper rack has tall items like wine glasses.

However, that shouldn’t be an issue because Monogram designed this dishwasher for those with few dishes to clean in each cycle. 

Sadly, this dishwasher lacks extra features like WiFI connectivity and even the advanced wash system found in the larger models. It also has a slightly higher sound level than its counterparts at 46 dBA. On the other hand, the Monogram ZDT165SILII is also the brand’s cheapest model, retailing at $1500. Granted, at this price point, you’ll get more value for your money if you buy a different brand. 

Pros Cons
  • Its custom-panel design allows you to maintain a uniform look in your kitchen.
  • At 46 dBA, it’s a quiet dishwasher.
  • You’ll get more value for money from other brands.
  • It has few wash cycles.

Alternative Dishwasher Models to Consider

GE Profile™ PDT775SYNFS Dishwasher

ge profile™ pdt775synfs dishwasher

Main Features

  • The GE Profile™ PDT775SYNFS has a width of 24 inches.
  • It has 5 wash cycles and 11 wash options.
  • This model has 16 place settings.
  • Its sound level is 42 dBA.
  • There’s built-in WiFi.
  • The dishwasher has Twin Turbo Dry Boost.
  • It has a Steam + Sani function.
  • There’s a Piranha™ hard food disposer.
  • It has two racks.
  • This model has a stainless steel tub.
  • There’s sabbath mode.
  • There’s smart water leak detection.
  • This GE Profile dishwasher is Energy Star certified.

If the Monogram dishwashers are beyond your budget, consider their sister brand, GE Profile, and the PDT775SYNFS is a perfect choice. Costing about $1000 less than the Monogram options above, this GE dishwasher still offers a lot of what the Monogram models offer. 

For starters, you get the same wash system here, with over 90 spray jets, automatic temperature control, and a Piranha™ hard food disposer. This model also has the same Steam + Sani feature found in its Monogram counterparts.

I also love how quiet it is, with a sound level of just 42 dBA. However, on the downside, you only get two racks here, with the option of adding a third rack but at an additional cost.

Pros Cons
  • It is a quiet dishwasher.
  • This model is cheaper than the Monogram options but it offers similar features.
  • You only get two racks and have to pay extra for a third rack.

Samsung DW80B7071UG/AA Smart Dishwasher

samsung dw80b7071ug aa smart dishwasher

Main Features

  • This Samsung dishwasher has a width of 25 inches.
  • It has 15 place settings.
  • It has 3 racks.
  • The sound level is 42 dBA.
  • This model has 7 wash programs.
  • It has Smart Dry.
  • There’s an AutoRelease™ Door system.
  • The dishwasher has a StormWash+™ system.
  • There’s built-in WiFI.
  • The dishwasher has a fingerprint-resistant exterior.
  • It is Energy Star certified.

Samsung is known for making sleek-looking appliances, making it an ideal alternative to the Monogram models. This Samsung dishwasher is packed with features that rival those offered by Monogram but at a fraction of the cost. At the time of writing, this model is selling for just $750 instead of its regular price of $1200. Even without the discount, you’ll save at least $1000 over the Monogram dishwashers.

At this price point, you’ll get Samsung’s cutting-edge features like Smart Dry and Storm Wash, both of which boost the dishwasher’s cleaning and drying performance. You’ll also enjoy its low sound level of just 42 dBA. 

Pros Cons
  • It offers great value for money.
  • It has excellent cleaning and drying performance.
  • The regular cycle runs for hours.

LG LDP6810SS Dishwasher

lg lpd6810ss dishwasher

Main Features

  • The LG LDP6810SS dishwasher has 15 place settings.
  • It has 3 racks.
  • There are 10 wash cycles and 9 wash options.
  • It has QuadWash, made up of 4 spray arms.
  • This model has LG’s NeveRust™ stainless steel tub.
  • There’s a 3-stage filtration system.
  • This model has LG TrueSteam®.
  • It has a Dynamic Dry system.
  • It has a fingerprint-resistant exterior.
  • The dishwasher’s sound level is 44 dBA.
  • It is WiFI enabled.

Just like Samsung, LG sells sleek appliances that are reasonably priced. This LG dishwasher is currently retailing at just $800, down from $1100. Even if you don’t get the discount, you’ll still spend significantly less than you would on a Monogram dishwasher.

The LG LDP6810SS offers excellent features that make it a top-performing dishwasher. At the top of the list is QuadWash, which is made up of four wash arms that use unique rotating motions to boost the cleaning performance. You also get TrueSteam, which uses steam to clean caked-on foods. 

Moreover, this dishwasher boasts built-in WiFi, allowing you to connect it to LG’s ThinQ ecosystem for remote operation.

Pros Cons
  • This dishwasher is reasonably priced.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • There’s no interior light.


Question: Who makes Monogram dishwashers?

Answer: Monogram is part of the GE family and the appliances are made by GE.

Question: How long is the Monogram dishwasher warranty?

Answer: You get a limited 2-year warranty on the dishwasher, with a 5-year limited warranty on the racks and electronic control board. The company also offers a limited lifetime warranty on the tub and door liner.

Question: How do GE Appliances rank?

Answer: According to the 2022 JD Power appliance satisfaction study, GE appliances ranked in the top five in all categories.

Are Monogram Dishwashers Worth Their Price?

GE knows how to build durable appliances and the Monogram dishwashers are no different. Although the Monogram appliances are costly, they’re still worth the high price because of their luxury appeal. In fact, compared to other luxury brands like Thermador and Wolf, Monogram appliances are reasonably priced. So, if you’re looking for prestige without forking out thousands of dollars, then the Monogram dishwashers are worth considering.

My top recommended Monogram dishwasher is the Monogram ZDT985SPNSS, which has the lowest sound level in the lineup.

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