GE Refrigerator Model Guide: How to Select The Right Model?

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    Thinking of owning a new GE refrigerator in your home? Shopping for a new refrigerator these days can be quite tricky and difficult, especially if you are trying to find one that would complement the style of your kitchen’s setup. 

    There are countless brands out there to choose from, but if you want to have a worthwhile investment, you should look into a reputable brand like GE Appliances. Founded in 1892, the brand offers different models of refrigerators for you to choose from and, since they’re a well-known brand, you probably won’t have any problem finding one that would match your budget or preference. 

    To help you decide what GE refrigerator you should buy, we have gathered a few important factors that you should look into before you start splurging your money on a new GE refrigerator. Moreover, if you’re really clueless as to what your options are, you should first know the different styles of refrigerators.

    Knowing the Different Styles of GE Refrigerators

    ge refrigerator

    Let’s face it, buying a refrigerator should always be viewed as a careful investment, especially since we all know a refrigerator is an extremely important part of our home. There can be a lot of frustration involved if you end up with a refrigerator that won’t provide you with the essential features you want. 

    If you have any specific needs or desires when it comes to refrigerators, you should consider the overall style of the refrigerator first before anything else. There are six different styles of GE refrigerators for you to choose from, namely:

    • French Door Refrigerators
    • Side-by-Side Refrigerators
    • Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
    • Top-Freezer Refrigerators
    • Compact Refrigerators
    • Wine and Beverage Centers

    French Door Refrigerators

    french door refrigerator

    Probably the most popular refrigerator style today, French door refrigerators are the obvious choice for you if you want to focus mainly on style. They can also be a great choice if you value a more accessible refrigerator to store your food and beverages. 

    The biggest advantage of a French door refrigerator is its spacious design. A French door refrigerator allows a convenient way for you to organize your daily needs. However, since French door refrigerators are considered premium appliances, there are generally no cheap options when it comes to such a style. 


    • Better cooling systems
    • Spacious and easily accessible design
    • Easy to organize


    • They usually cost more than other styles of refrigerators
    • The bottom freezer style can be inconvenient

    Side-by-Side Refrigerators

    Hotpoint H5T811IMXH1

    Besides being slightly less spacious when compared to a French door refrigerator, a side-by-side refrigerator can also offer plenty of features for you and your family to enjoy. In contrast to a French door refrigerator, which utilizes more of its space for accessible items, a side-by-side refrigerator will add a more available area for your freezer.

    If you want to save space for your kitchen, a side-by-side refrigerator can be a great option for you. Having said that, side-by-side refrigerators tend to have a wide price range, anywhere from $600 to $3000.  Typically, a large, well-featured model from GE Appliances (like the GSE25GGHCC) would cost you between $1000-$1500. 


    • More space for your freezer
    • Easy to organize everything
    •  A great upgrade from a top freezer model


    • Wider items like platters may not fit on narrow shelves
    • It May not be ideal for narrow kitchens

    Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

    bottom freezer

    If you often store larger items in your refrigerator, then perhaps a bottom freezer refrigerator would be a great style for you to consider. With the included features of pull-out drawers or adjustable shelves, newer models of bottom freezer refrigerators will allow you to customize the space needed for different food items. 

    Aside from having space-saving features, a bottom freezer refrigerator will also allow you to have a more convenient way of accessing most of your items. This is because the refrigerator space is properly placed near your eye level. As we all know, bending over frequently can be mildly irritating sometimes. 

    Bottom freezer refrigerators from GE Appliances can cost about $1249-$1899.


    • More available space for wider or larger items
    • Generally, more space-efficient
    • Comparable prices to traditional refrigerators


    • The bottom freezer can be easily accessed by kids
    • Less variety of options in the market

    Top-Freezer Refrigerators

    top freezer

    If you’re looking for a far more budget-friendly refrigerator, consider checking out some top-freezer refrigerators. Top freezer refrigerators from GE Appliances are commonly priced between $659 and $1599. 

    Compared to bottom freezer refrigerators, top freezer refrigerators are more reliable and practical, since some models are also considered garage ready. Although a top freezer refrigerator seems to be the clear choice when it comes to price, there can be certain drawbacks in owning one. 

    For instance, reaching your items from your refrigerator would mean that you need to bend most of the time. However, if you’re willing to overlook the overall design of your refrigerator and some slight inconvenience, a top freezer refrigerator would be a perfect fit in your kitchen. 


    • Generally more affordable
    • More variety in terms of finishes and sizes
    • Freezer area near at eye level


    • Lacks storage and organization alternatives
    • Less visual appeal for your kitchen 

    Compact Refrigerators 

    Compact refrigerators, or most commonly known as mini-fridges, are somewhat a better option for you if you have any particular needs of storing items in certain places. Whether you want a budget-friendly fridge for your garage or you’re considering a fridge for your RV, a mini-fridge would be the obvious choice for you. On top of that, a mini-fridge is a neat space-smart appliance for various settings such as offices, cabins, and dorm rooms. 

    Because of its smaller size compared to full-size units, a mini-fridge would be the perfect choice if you’re saving up space and money in a single-person household. However, it’s also important to note that there are different types of mini-fridges in the market since each one has its own set of particular features and price range. 

    GE Appliances provides a great selection of mini-fridges, and the price of their models ranges from $299 to $899.


    • Portable and easy to set up
    • Much more efficient than other styles of refrigerators
    • Generally inexpensive to buy and own


    • Limited space for your items
    • Some models may not come with a freezer

    Wine and Beverage Centers

    wine and beverage center

     If you are particularly fond of wine and you want to showcase your collection to your guests, a wine and beverage center would be a great appliance for you to consider. Aside from having an easy-to-access control for your fridge’s temperature, a wine and beverage center will make your kitchen sleeker and more stylish.

    Although they come at a higher price point than other styles of refrigerators, you wouldn’t want to miss investing in such an elegant appliance if you’re a true wine lover (or oenophile, to our fellow wine aficionados). Having said that, a beverage center can also be a great alternative to a full-size unit since it can be a more convenient way for you and your family to access different beverages. 

    GE Appliances only offer a few models for you to choose from, and the price of their models ranges from $729 to $1499. 


    • Great way to showcase wine collection
    • Some models have removable or adjustable shelves


    • Most cheaper models do not function well

    How To Buy the Right GE Refrigerator Model 

    Apart from knowing the different styles of refrigerators you can choose from, there are also other factors you should look into such as:

    • The refrigerator’s size
    • The type of refrigerator
    • Its space-saving and organization features
    • The finish and color

    And, of course, other specific features of your refrigerator shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re having any trouble finding a buying guide for GE refrigerators online, we got you covered! Here’s a complete overview of factors you should consider before buying the right GE refrigerator model. 

    Refrigerator Size

    Before you start shopping around certain websites or local stores for the right GE refrigerator, you should first consider the size of the refrigerator. Whether you’re living in a small apartment or in the suburbs, there’s a lot of options for you to choose from. 

    Ideally, you would want 4 to 6 cubic feet of fridge space per adult in your home, along with some extra space to work with. For instance, if you have a family of four, you probably won’t want anything less than a 20 cubic ft fridge, since you would need a lot more room to work with for your family’s needs. 

    You should also consider other limiting factors in your kitchen such as width, height, and depth in order for you to know how much available space you have for your refrigerator. Having said that, a larger fridge generally means a bigger energy bill so it would be wise for you not to rush any purchase. After all, bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better. 

    If you already have a rough idea of how small or big your fridge should be, you have to pick between styles. If you want something smaller than a 20 cubic ft fridge, you should take a look at a top or bottom freezer refrigerator.

    Type of Refrigerator

    Aside from choosing the style of your refrigerator, you should also consider what type of refrigerator you should get. There are a few options you could choose from such as standard-depth refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, and counter-depth refrigerators. 

    If you want a bulkier and deeper fridge, you should consider picking a standard-depth refrigerator, as they generally mean more storage space. A standard-depth refrigerator usually has about 30 to 34 inches in width, and some models can go up 70 inches in height. 

    If you’re more open to customizing the look of your kitchen, a built-in refrigerator might be perfect for you. Although they can be a lot more expensive than other types of refrigerators, a built-in refrigerator will add a more subtle and elegant look to your kitchen. Keep in mind that they typically require a special installation. 

    On the other hand, if you’re willing to sacrifice your fridge space for a more stylish yet economical option, you should focus your attention on counter-depth refrigerators. Although you’ll have less depth with such models, you can still take advantage of the wider space.

    Space Saving and Organization Features

    If you’re really conscious about saving up space and easily accessing certain items in your fridge, you might want to base your decision on organizational features. Relying on a well-organized fridge with smart compartments can help you a lot in accessing anything you need in the kitchen. 

    Most models these days come with simple features, such as pull-out drawers and removable slides, but certain models and brands tend to offer more customization in terms of how you could organize different items in your freezer or refrigerator. 

    GE Appliances offers a great selection of well-organized refrigerators including a 17.5 cubic foot top-freezer refrigerator, complete with adjustable wire shelves and some extra storage bins. Other features that you should be looking for are humidity-control drawers and pantry drawers. 

    Other Features 

    In addition to looking for any feature that could help you organize, you should also look for other features, as well. For a more modern and techier fridge, consider looking for a smart refrigerator or one that has a programmable control pad. 

    Also, if you want your fridge to smell fresh and maintain the perfect temperature, buy a fridge with an air filtration system or dual-cooling system. Another feature that you might not have thought of yet is the ice maker. Some models now have the entire icemaker placed into the door. Although they generally tend to make less ice, you’ll have more space to work with inside. 

    If you want to have a fridge that will save you a lot in energy bills, GE Appliances provides a great selection of ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators on their website. This is both environmentally and wallet-friendly — a win-win all around!

    Finish and Color

    Your decision process wouldn’t be complete if you forget to pick the finish or color of your refrigerator, especially if you’re aiming for an aesthetically pleasing refrigerator that would look good with your kitchen. 

    For instance, if you want a more luxurious look, a matte black or matte white GE refrigerator would look perfect in your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a matte black or stainless-steel finish, you can find a variety of options from GE Appliances. 

    Top Recommendations 

    Whether you’re already somewhat familiar with GE refrigerators, or it’s your first time buying one, a list of recommendations would help you a lot with your decision. We know that it can take a lot of time on your end to research certain GE refrigerator models, so we have gathered a list of recommendations for you to consider down below. 

    What Was Our Evaluation Criteria?

    Much like with any other expensive appliances, you should always make sure that the next fridge you buy would be worth it especially if you consider yourself budget conscious. To help you speed up your decision process, here are some of the few things we considered when selecting our recommendations: 

    • Is it a reliable and durable model?
    • Are there any common problems with the product? 
    • Are you getting your money’s worth with this model?

    A refrigerator will always be an important appliance in your home and naturally, so you definitely wouldn’t want to buy the wrong model for your kitchen. From economical, small refrigerators to smart refrigerators, there are a lot of great options for you to choose from GE Appliances. 

    However, to help you have a more concrete idea of what GE refrigerator models you should check out, we have gathered the top models we know from different price points. 

    GE 25.3 Cu. Ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator

    Model #: GSS25GMHES


    Listed on GE Appliances’ website as one of their most famous models, the GSS25GMHES comes with basic organization features such as adjustable slide-outs and door bins. In addition to the focus on organization, this model also comes with an advanced water filtration system, too. 

    If you want to have some extra shelves to work with inside your refrigerator, this model can be the perfect choice for your home. 


    • Great shelving arrangement
    • Has a streamlined design
    • Comes with a good icemaker


    • Some reviewers mention that it can’t maintain its temperature
    •  Not ideal if you hate a loud operating unit 

    GE ENERGY STAR® 15.6 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator 

    Model #: GTE16DTNRWW


    Another low-cost fridge for you to consider is the GTE16DTNRWW. Much like its predecessor, this model exceeds federal energy-efficient requirements, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to save some money on your energy bills. 

    The only downgrade between this model and its predecessor, the GTE15CTHRWW, is the change from glass shelves to wire shelves.


    • ENERGY STAR® certified
    • Ice maker ready
    • Good organization features


    • Wire racks tend to be weak
    • Has trouble maintaining its temperature

    GE ENERGY STAR® 16.6 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

    Model#: GTE17GTNRBB


    If you want a more inexpensive yet reliable option, the GTE17GTNRBB will serve you well. Even though it’s a smaller fridge than our other recommendations, this model has all the basic features you need from a refrigerator. 

    Not only does it have clear drawers and small storage bins, but you have the option of easily adding an icemaker later on, since the model comes icemaker ready.


    • Energy Star certified
    • Great for a small kitchen
    • Generally, no noise issue


    • Poor temperature control
    • Shelves are difficult to remove

    30-inch 20.9 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

    Model #: GDE21ESKSS


    Want to have the best bottom-freezer refrigerator? Consider checking out the GDE21ESKSS. Aside from having the usual fridge fittings, this model comes with other interesting features such as an advanced water filtration system and a factory-installed ice maker. 

    And if you don’t want any problems regarding your fridge’s temperature, then you’ll love this particular model. since it has a multi-flow air system equipped with easy-to-use temperature controls. We highly recommend the GDE21ESKSS particularly if you always want some extra space to work with. 


    • Offers a lot of refrigerator space
    • Great temperature management features 
    • Can be installed with an icemaker


    • Small freezer space
    • You might get a particularly very loud unit

    36-inch 22.2 Cu. Ft. Smart Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator

    Model #: PYE22PYNFS

    36-inch 22.2 Cu. Ft. Smart Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator

    So, you might ask, what’s the best refrigerator among high-end GE models? The GE Profile PYE22PYNFS probably deserves the spot. 

    This model comes absolutely well equipped, complete with its own coffee brewing system — a perfect feature if you want to save some space off your shelves or countertop! And since it’s a smart refrigerator, you can appreciate a more convenient way of managing your fridge’s specific features. 

    If budget isn’t an issue and you really want to make a bold statement with your kitchen, then you will probably fall in love with this beautiful model.


    • Fingerprint resistant
    • High-quality space shelves
    • Smart fridge features


    • Limited warranty service 
    • Hit or miss brewing system 

    36-inch 28.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-side Refrigerator

    Model#: PSS28KSHSS


    If you wouldn’t mind splurging and spending a little bit more money for a well-featured side-by-side refrigerator, then you should definitely consider this model as one of your options. It’s equipped with a reliable ice maker, which can hold 10 pounds of ice. Furthermore, it can create ice at a much faster rate than other refrigerators at its price point. 

    With the inclusion of multilevel drawers, adjustable door bins, and glass freezer shelves, it will be easier for you to arrange your items properly. It’s absolutely worth checking out if you’re expecting to spend more than $2000 for a remarkable model that can supply you with a lot of ice cubes. 


    • Elegant design
    • Plenty of space to work with
    • Great organization features 


    • You might experience a snapping or popping noise from its mechanisms
    • Water filter tends to have a high replacement cost 

    GE Compact Refrigerator

    Model#: GCE06GSHSB


    If you’re looking for a built-in capable compact refrigerator, GE Appliances offers a 5.6 cubic foot stainless steel model, which retails for around $509. The mini-fridge is also available in black or white, and it costs around $489. 

    It’s a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly mini fridge for your dorm or apartment. Its compact size makes it a reliable choice for small kitchens. 


    • Under counter fridge
    • Easy to clean and install


    • Limited fridge space
    • Struggles to maintain its temperature

    GE ENERGY STAR® 18.6 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator

    Model#: GWE19JGLBB


    If you’re looking to spend less than $2000 for a well-featured French-door refrigerator, this beautiful model would be a lovely option for you to consider. In addition to having organization features, this French-door refrigerator comes with other convenient features. 

    It’s also ENERGY STAR® certified and it has its own built-in ice-maker.


    • High-Gloss Finish
    • Easy-to-organize layout
    • Great water dispenser


    • Top shelf freezes
    • Small and shallow compartments

    Our Final Thoughts: Choose the Most Dependable Model You Can Find 

    There’s a lot to take in when it comes to buying a new GE refrigerator, especially if you’re not fully aware of how most modern features work. Still, understanding everything about GE refrigerator models will allow you to be more attentive to models that are worth the money. Instead of solely thinking about your budget, you should also make sure that the model you’re picking is dependable. 

    Having said that, if we had to choose only one GE refrigerator from our list that you should check out, we recommend that you consider the GDE21ESKSS. It’s a great choice if you want to have a refrigerator that is easy to manage, dependable, and spacious. 

    We hope that you already have a reasonable understanding as to how and what you should focus on when it comes to buying a GE refrigerator. Also, be sure to always do your own research, as there are a lot of other options you could buy from GE Appliances. Don’t forget to always shop smart, and you’ll love your new appliance — no matter which one you choose!


    Question: What are the different series of GE Refrigerators? 

    Answer: GE Refrigerators are generally categorized into three series, namely:
    The cafe series
    The profile series
    The regular GE series
    If you want something similar to a restaurant refrigerator, you will probably end up choosing from the cafe series. As an alternative, profile series refrigerators offer sleeker designs. 
    If you want a more economical option, however, try picking from the regular GE series. This is because they offer the basic features that you would want from a refrigerator. 

    Question: Are GE refrigerators energy-efficient and reliable? 

    Answer: Dealing with a broken fridge can be bothersome, especially if the breakdown happens within a year or two. Normally, you would want to rely on reputable brands. 
    Besides other famous brands such as Samsung refrigerator, LG fridge, and whirlpool refrigerator, GE Appliances is also considered by many as one of the most trusted refrigerator brands in the country. On top of that, if you want to have lower energy bills, GE Appliances has its own series of ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators

    Question: How can I clean the inside of my GE refrigerator? 

    Answer: It’s important to remember that you should clean the inside of your GE refrigerator at least once a year. To do it properly, you should look into the manual of your model for any instructions on how you should turn off the temperature control. 
    After that, you should unplug your refrigerator and start creating a mixture of baking soda and water. Use the solution to wipe down the walls of your refrigerator and rinse the same with water. You should finish up by wiping the refrigerator with a dry cloth until the fridge is completely dry. 
    (By the way, to learn more about how you should properly clean your GE refrigerator, you can visit this helpful page from GE Appliances.)

    Question: Are GE refrigerators noisy? 

    Answer: Having some trouble knowing why your refrigerator’s noisy? Refrigerators can sometimes create some particular noises when they operate. Although it would be hard for you not to overlook such noises, it may just be a normal sound. 
    For instance, a chirping or howl sound may just be a natural sound you will hear while you open or close your fridge’s door. However, if you’re very concerned about any unusual noises from your fridge, you can check out this guide about unusual noises from GE Appliances. 

    Question: Do GE refrigerator models come with an app and WiFi connectivity? 

    Answer: Connectivity features are usually present in high-end refrigerators. Although you can buy a simple yet well-featured model, it wouldn’t hurt to spend more if you want to have the specific features that come with a smart refrigerator. 
    With the use of WiFi connectivity and an app, you can receive important alerts, schedule your hot water, easily adjust the temperature, and add memos. Certain models such as the PVD28BYNFS and the PYE22PYNFS come with a built-in WiFi connectivity option, and they can be controlled using your voice or through virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa. 

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