Samsung Refrigerator Model Guide: How To Find The Right Model?

Samsung makes some of the most reliable appliances and this includes their refrigerators. According to a JD Power customer satisfaction study on kitchen appliances, Samsung’s French door and side-by-side refrigerators ranked the highest in customer satisfaction while their top-mount freezer and two-door refrigerator models ranked second to LG. Therefore, if you’re thinking about getting a Samsung refrigerator, then you’re spending your money on the right brand. 

But which refrigerator model should you buy? We’ve put together this Samsung refrigerator model guide to help you zero in on the perfect option for your needs. 

Main Features of Samsung Refrigerators (And What to Consider) 

1. Cost of Samsung Refrigerators

The lowest-priced Samsung refrigerator costs $720 while the most expensive model goes for $4800. On average, Samsung refrigerators cost about $2700. 

If you’re looking for the company’s flagship technology then you’ll have to spend over $3000. However, if you want a smart refrigerator without having to spend too much, you can go for their lowest-priced smart refrigerator, which goes for about $1200. 

For slightly more advanced smart features at a reasonable price, budget for about $2000. At this price point, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a touch screen on the refrigerator. More on these features later in this article.

For those on a budget, you’ll still get a good refrigerator for under $1000. Although these models don’t have the latest and greatest tech, they’re still effective at keeping your food fresh; this is, after all, the main purpose of a refrigerator. 

2. Refrigerator Capacities

A general formula for knowing the refrigerator-size for your needs is to calculate about 4 cubic feet of refrigerator space per person in your household. If you’re a family of five, a refrigerator capacity of about 20 cu. ft. would be ideal. 

However, this might vary if you cook a lot and require more refrigerator or freezer space. So, consider your cooking habits as well so as to choose a capacity that isn’t too big or too small. 

Samsung’s smallest refrigerators range from 7.6 cubic feet to 12 cubic feet. Their mid-sized options have a capacity range of 18 to 23 cubic feet, while the large-capacity models have over 27 cubic feet. 

3. Refrigerator Sizes

Samsung’s refrigerator models come in different sizes. So, your first step should be to measure the dedicated refrigerator space in your kitchen. There should be an extra space of about half an inch on either side of the refrigerator for ventilation. Also, leave a one-inch space at the back, between the refrigerator and the wall. Be sure to account for the refrigerator door’s swing space as well.

Samsung refrigerators have a width range from 24 inches to about 36 inches, and the tallest refrigerator has a height of about 70 inches. 

There are models that have a counter-depth design. These have a depth of fewer than 30 inches, equal to the depth of kitchen counters. As compensation, their width is longer to avoid compromising the capacity.  You can also consider a full-depth/regular-depth refrigerator that extends past the counters. These options have depths of more than 30 inches to about 34 inches in depth.

4. Refrigerator Designs

Samsung refrigerators come in either regular stainless steel, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, or stainless platinum. Among these options, you can choose black, white, or silver colors. For instance, there are black stainless steel and black fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. 

The company also has a Bespoke line of appliances, which are customized to your specific preference. These models offer eight color options and two finishes.  Consider a refrigerator that blends in with the cabinet designs for uniformity. You could also choose to create a bit of contrast, whatever your preference. In the end, the refrigerator’s design should elevate your kitchen’s look.

5. Smart Features

Samsung’s bleeding-edge technology is among the best in the industry, offering features that transform their refrigerators to more than food-preservation appliances. Of course, to get the best tech, you’ll have to pay extra. Here are the main smart features of Samsung’s refrigerators.

WiFi connectivity

This is the bare minimum for any smart device. With WiFi connectivity, the refrigerator can connect to Samsung’s smartphone app – SmartThings App. Via this app, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature remotely.

The lowest-priced Samsung refrigerator with WiFi connectivity is this side-by-side model, which costs $1200. Sadly, if your budget is less than $1000 then you’ll have to forego all smart features.

Family Hub

Refrigerators with Family Hub offer a lot more than regular refrigerator functions – these models have a 21-inch screen at the front. This screen makes the refrigerator an entertainment console, a monitoring device, and a smart home control center. 

With Family Hub, you can connect your refrigerator to a Ring doorbell and use the screen to see who’s at the door, right from your kitchen. It also connects to Google Nest thermostats and Yale door locks.  Still, the refrigerator can mirror Samsung TVs, allowing you to watch what’s on the television on the refrigerator’s screen. Plus, you can access music streaming apps or even YouTube on these models. 

But it can also do refrigerator things quite well. For instance, you can see what’s inside the refrigerator without opening the fridge, thanks to in-built cameras. And you can also do this on your smartphone via the Family Hub app.

The lowest-priced Samsung refrigerator with Family Hub is this side-by-side model, which costs just $1900. The most expensive model with this feature costs $4600.

6. Storage Options

Consider the food storage options based on your cooking habits and grocery shopping list. If you buy loads of fruits and vegetables, then a dedicated fresh-produce compartment would be ideal. If you’re a meat lover, then a deli compartment is an important space to have. 

Samsung’s low-end models offer a ‘Slide and Reach’ drawer for meats. You’ll also get adjustable shelves for storage flexibility. As standard, all Samsung refrigerators have door bins for bottles and drink cartons.  A convenient feature to have is the FlexZone. This is a compartment with its own temperature settings, allowing you to use it as a fridge or freezer, depending on what you want to store there. 

FlexZone is found in some low-end models, such as this one, as well as a number of high-end models. The difference is that the low-end models will have a smaller FlexZone compartment than the higher-end models, often just a drawer.

Beverage Center is another useful storage space to have that’s found in some of Samsung’s high-end refrigerator models. This is a separate compartment in some four-door refrigerators, found behind the top left door, but in front of the main refrigerator compartment. 

You access it by opening a door in front of the main door to reveal shelves for your drinks as well as a water dispenser. This feature allows you to quickly reach for your preferred drinks without having to open the entire refrigerator. 

Samsung’s Food Showcase feature has a similar configuration to the Beverage Center; it’s a door in a door, on the top right side of some French door models. This smaller door allows you to quickly access drinks and smaller items without opening the main door.

The cheapest refrigerator with this feature costs $2500.

Although a lot of these features are convenient to have, some of them might not add any value to you. So, make sure you really need the bells and whistles before spending the extra cash on models with them. 

7. Customer Support

Samsung offers free shipping and installation so you don’t have to worry about hauling your new refrigerator. And if you’re not satisfied, you can send it back within 15 days of delivery. 

The company also offers a standard one-year part and labor warranty on all its models. You also get a five-year warranty on the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and connecting tube, as well as a ten-year part and labor warranty on the digital inverter compressor.

Types of Samsung Refrigerators

  • 4-Door Flex
  • 4-Door French Door
  • 3-Door French Door
  • Side-By-Side
  • Top Freezer
  • Bottom Freezer

4-Door Flex

These are a type of French-door design with two doors at the top for the refrigerator compartment and two at the bottom for the freezer and Flex Zone sections. Samsung’s 4-door refrigerators are known for their clean, handleless look and modern appearance. 

The lowest-priced 4-Door Flex model costs about $2800, making these the premium models in Samsung’s line-up. 

Who are these for?

  • Consider this type of refrigerator if you have a large household and need to store a large amount of food. With multiple compartments, including the handy Flex Zone, this refrigerator allows you to better organize your stock of food. 
  • This is also for those who often host guests and do a lot of cooking.

4-Door French Door

4-Door French Door

The difference between the 4-Door French door models and the 4-Door Flex is in the configuration. Instead of two swing doors at the bottom, the 4-Door French door models have two drawer compartments. 

The top section remains the same, with two doors for the spacious refrigerator section. Some of these models (like this one) have Samsung’s Food Showcase feature on the top-right door.

If you’re interested in a 4-Door French Door model, you’ll have to part with at least $2500. 

Who are these for?

  • These models are also ideal for large households or those who need to store lots of food. 
  • If you want a stylish refrigerator, a 4-Door French Door is a good choice.

3-Door French Door

samsung 3 door refrigerator

A Samsung 3-Door French Door refrigerator has two doors for the refrigerator compartment and a drawer compartment at the bottom for the freezer. These models are more affordable than the 4-Door options above, with the lowest-priced one costing slightly more than $1300. However, if you want Samsung’s bleeding-edge tech in these types, you’ll have to spend about $3000.

Who are these for?

  • These models are for those looking for style on a budget.
  • They’re for those with a household of at least 5 people.

Side-by-Side Door

These models have only two doors with a side-by-side configuration; one side for the fridge and the other for the freezer. With a modern, clean design, these refrigerators offer style and simplicity in one package.

Some models have a water/ice dispenser on the left door while the most expensive in this category offer Samsung’s Family Hub feature, with a touchscreen on the right door. These ones cost about $2000. 

The lowest-priced side-by-side Samsung refrigerator costs about $1300. 

Who are these for?

  • These are for those who want an affordable Samsung refrigerator with high-end specs.
  • They’re for a medium-sized or small family. 

Top Freezer

These are classic refrigerator types, with the fridge section at the bottom and the refrigerator at the top. Samsung’s top freezer options are the company’s most affordable refrigerators, with the lowest-priced option costing about $900. 

The company’s top-freezer refrigerators don’t offer the latest and greatest tech, but they offer functionality and reliability. However, you’ll still get features like the Flex Zone in their lowest-priced model

Who are these for?

  • These models are for those on a budget.
  • For those with a small household.
  • Those who don’t care for smart features.

Bottom Freezer

Samsung also offers bottom-freezer refrigerators. These have the refrigerator section at eye level and the freezer section at the bottom. The only Samsung bottom freezer model is part of the company’s Bespoke line of refrigerators. 

Who are these for?

  • For those who use the refrigerator section more than the freezer.
  • For seniors who can’t or don’t want to constantly bend to open the fridge section.
  • For those who don’t need loads of freezer space. 

5 Best Samsung Refrigerators

Best 4-Door Flex Refrigerator: Samsung RF28N9780SR

This high-end Samsung refrigerator costs about $4400. Its expensive price tag comes with cutting-edge tech that makes it the company’s best 4-Door Flex model. Its stand-out feature is Family Hub, with an LCD screen adorning the front right door. Coupled with the in-built camera, you can either view the refrigerator’s interior via the LCD screen or on your phone using the Family Hub app. 

The Samsung RF28N9780SR/AA model has two color options: black stainless steel and regular stainless steel. Both of these options boast fingerprint resistance, which makes it appealing to families with young ones. 

Being a 4-Door Flex model, the refrigerator has two top doors for the spacious 16.4-cubic-foot refrigerator section and two lower doors for the Flex Zone on the bottom right and the freezer on the bottom left. 

At its price, it’s one of Samsung’s highest-priced models but it’s still much cheaper than its competitors with similar features.

Main Features

  • It boasts WiFi connectivity and Samsung’s award-winning Family Hub feature.
  • There’s an internal camera to show the interior on the screen.
  • It has a lower-right FlexZone compartment.
  • The body has a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish.
  • This Samsung refrigerator is Energy Star certified.
  • There are adjustable shelves and a wine rack for storage flexibility.


  • Width: 36 inches
  • Height: 72 inches
  • Depth: 35 inches
  • Refrigerator capacity: 16.4 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 5.75 cubic feet
  • Flex Zone capacity: 5.75 cubic feet
Pros: Cons:
You can use the screen to pull up recipes or even stream videos and music. The ice dispenser is prone to failing.
With the in-built camera, you can take a look at the refrigerator’s interior on the screen or on your phone. The cameras are only in the refrigerator section.
It has a spacious refrigerator compartment.  
The Flex Zone is a versatile compartment for storing different foods.  
It has a stylish look.  
Its fingerprint-resistant finish is easy to clean.  

Best 4-Door French Door Refrigerator: Samsung RF28R7351SG

This Samsung refrigerator model’s standout feature is the Food Showcase door, found within the front-right door. This section’s door handle has a latch that unlocks the front part, revealing a window from where you can remove drinks and smaller snacks. This eliminates the need to open the entire refrigerator, thus improving energy efficiency. 

The bottom section has two drawer compartments; the Flex Zone is the middle one and the freezer is at the very bottom.  Although this model doesn’t have the popular Family Hub, it still offers smart functionality. You can use the SmartThings app to remotely regulate the temperature from your smartphone. 

With its high-end looks and features, this refrigerator is fairly priced at $2500, especially since its competitors from LG and Bosch go for over $3000.

Main Features

  • The refrigerator boasts Samsung’s Food Showcase door.
  • Its Flex Zone middle drawer can be used as either a freezer or a refrigerator.
  • There’s an in-built water pitcher that automatically refills.
  • Its exterior has a fingerprint-resistant coating.
  • This Samsung refrigerator is WiFi-enabled and it can be remotely operated via the SmartThings app.
  • It is Energy Star certified.


  • Width: 36 inches
  • Height: 70 inches
  • Depth: 37 inches
  • Refrigerator capacity: 15.7 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 8.3 cubic feet
  • Flex Zone capacity: 3.8 cubic feet
Pros: Cons:
The Food Showcase door comes in handy when you only need to add or remove smaller foods. The water pitcher tends to get overfilled leading to spillage. 
Its FlexZone middle drawer compartment can be used as a freezer or fridge.  
It comes with an auto-refill in-built water pitcher.  
This refrigerator is compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings app.  


Best 3-Door French Door Refrigerator: Samsung RF27T5501SR/AA

This refrigerator is our favorite 3-door French door model because it offers lots of features at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a model with Family Hub then this is one to consider. Its selling point is the 21-inch touchscreen on the right-side refrigerator door.  

Samsung has also included their multi-event tech in this model, which ensures that cold air is circulated evenly within the refrigerator’s cavity. Plus, the water and ice dispenser on the front-left refrigerator door is a convenient feature to have. 

Its 8.6-cubic-foot freezer has a full-width design that can easily accommodate large containers or even platters. This section also has a separate drawer compartment that enhances organization. 

Main Features

  • This model has FamilyHub, offering smart functionality as well as the ability to stream music and videos. 
  • It has a fingerprint-resistant finish.
  • The refrigerator’s ice maker can hold 4.2 lbs (2 kgs) of ice.
  • It has Samsung’s All-Around Cooling technology that ensures even distribution of cold air.


  • Width: 36 inches
  • Height: 70 inches
  • Depth: 36 inches
  • Refrigerator capacity: 17.9 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 8.6 cubic feet
Pros: Cons:
It has Samsung’s FamilyHub touchscreen that makes it easy to operate the refrigerator. There’s no Flex Zone.
You can stream music and videos on the screen. There’s no light on the water and ice dispenser.
The ice and water dispenser works effectively.  
The refrigerator evenly chills food thanks to the All-Around Cooling technology.  
Its fingerprint-resistant finish makes it easy to keep clean.  

Best Side-By-Side Refrigerator: Samsung RS27T5561SR/AA 

Selling for less than $2000, this is one of the cheapest Family Hub models in Samsung’s lineup. This also makes it one of the best side-by-side refrigerators sold by the company. With this model, you’ll get all the cutting-edge smart functionality that higher-priced Family Hub models have. This, of course, includes a 21-inch touchscreen on the right-side door.

The freezer door, on the other hand, has a water and ice dispenser that can serve up both crushed and cubed ice.  Samsung has also included their multi-vent cooling in this model, ensuring even circulation of cold air. This feature makes this refrigerator effective at keeping food chilled, no matter where it’s stored.

Main Features

  • This refrigerator has a 21.5-inch Family Hub touchscreen.
  • There’s a water and ice dispenser on the freezer side as well as an in-door ice maker.
  • It has Samsung’s multi-vent cooling that evenly circulates cold air.
  • The adjustable shelves make it easy to store food containers of varied sizes.
  • It has a fingerprint-resistant finish.


  • Width: 36 inches
  • Height: 70 inches
  • Depth: 34 inches
  • Refrigerator capacity: 17.2 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 9.5 cubic fee

Best Top-Freezer Refrigerator: Samsung RT18M6215WW/AA 

Samsung RT18M6215WW

If you’re looking for a classic refrigerator design, this Samsung refrigerator is an excellent choice. Selling at slightly over $700, it’s perfect for those on a budget who want reliability and convenience.

This model boasts Samsung’s Flex Zone in the top compartment, allowing you to use it as either a freezer or fridge, depending on your needs. The lower compartment – the refrigerator – has a spacious 12.7-cubic-foot capacity with adjustable shelves for storage versatility. 

If you have a small family or even live alone, this refrigerator is an ideal option for you, especially if you don’t care for the bells and whistles of higher-priced models. And you can choose one of three color options: black stainless steel, stainless steel, or white. Both stainless steel options have a fingerprint-resistant finish. 

Main Features

  • It has Samsung’s Flex Zone in the top section.
  • There’s an in-built ice maker in the freezer.
  • It’s equipped with Samsung’s Twin Cooling technology for effective refrigeration and freezing.
  • It’s Energy Star certified.


  • Width: 29 inches
  • Height: 67 inches
  • Depth: 32 inches
  • Refrigerator capacity: 12.7 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 4.9 cubic feet
Pros: Cons:
It is affordable. No smart features.
It has a Flex Zone in the top compartment.  
The adjustable shelves make it easy to store items of varied sizes.  
There’s an automatic ice maker.  
It sounds an alarm when you forget to shut its door.  

Best Reasonably Priced Refrigerator: Samsung RF20A5101WW/AA 

Samsung RF20A5101WW

This refrigerator is our pick for the most reasonably priced Samsung model because it carefully balances high-tech features and affordability. Its 3-door French door design gives it a high-end look and you can get it in one of four color options: black stainless steel, stainless steel, white or black. All these options have a fingerprint-resistant finish.

It also has WiFi connectivity, allowing you to operate it via the SmartThings app. So, you can remotely adjust the refrigerator’s temperature and also know its current temperature even if you aren’t home. Plus, the app sends you a notification if you forget to shut the refrigerator’s door.

Moreover, this model is equipped with the handy Power Freeze and Power Cool features that rapidly chill your food and drinks. The best part is that it costs about $1300.

Main Features

  • The refrigerator has WiFi connectivity and it’s compatible with the SmartThings app.
  • It has Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus feature, giving the fridge and freezer independent functionality.
  • This refrigerator is Energy Star certified.
  • It has a fingerprint-resistant finish


  • Width: 32 inches
  • Height: 70 inches
  • Depth: 30 inches
  • Refrigerator capacity: 12.9 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 6.6 cubic feet
Pros: Cons:
It has a stylish handle-less French-door design. No in-door ice/water dispenser.
It’s reasonably priced.  
The refrigerator has WiFi connectivity and is compatible with the SmartThings app.  
It offers fingerprint-resistant finishes.  
It’s Energy Star certified.  



Question: What brand of refrigerator has the least problems?

Answer: The most reliable refrigerator brands are Samsung, LG, GE, and Whirlpool.

Question: Do French door refrigerators have more problems?

Answer: Compared to other refrigerator types, French door refrigerators have more complicated parts. This means that there are more components that are likely to break. However, if you buy a reliable brand, you won’t have to repair your French door refrigerator for years.

Question: How long does a Samsung refrigerator last?

Answer: Refrigerators last over ten years and since Samsung is a reliable brand, they are likely to last beyond this if well taken care of. Samsung also offers a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor, and a five-year warranty on the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and connecting tube. There’s also a 10-year warranty on the digital inverter compressor. This is an assurance from the company that their refrigerators are built to last for years.

Question: Can you reset a Samsung refrigerator?

Answer: You can reset a Samsung refrigerator by unplugging it from electricity and waiting a few minutes then plugging it back in. This will reset the refrigerator.

Question: What temperature should I set my Samsung refrigerator to?

Answer: Refrigerated food should be stored below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and frozen food should be below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. So, Samsung recommends setting your refrigerator to 38 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer to -2 degrees Fahrenheit.


Samsung is a reliable brand with stylish refrigerator models on offer. And compared to premium brands like Bosch, Samsung’s refrigerators are more affordable, yet boasting some high-tech features. So, if you’re in the market for a new refrigerator with stylish looks, this guide should help you make an informed decision.

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