Best Maytag Side by Side Refrigerator Options

Best Maytag Side by Side Refrigerator Options We Totally Love

The market is full of different styles and brands of refrigerators to choose from. Buying a fridge is not something you can do in ten minutes, as you will need to do in-depth research before choosing the right one for you. However, the process is not that daunting, as you will see below.

One of the most popular and highly recommended refrigerators is the side-by-side refrigerator. The Maytag side-by-side refrigerator particularly stands out! It has been there for years, and Maytag is a brand that you will be confident in. So, what are its features, and what makes it stand out? Is it worth your money? If you need answers to these and more questions, continue going through this article for more information.

The side-by-side refrigerator splits the refrigerator freezer section straight from top to bottom. Most of these refrigerators have shelves, while the other types mostly rely on drawers for storage purposes. Even though the side-by-side fridge is the most recommended type, you need to consider several things before acquiring one. Let’s dive in and shed more light on the significant factors to put into consideration.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Energy Use

The refrigerators that existed in the market some years ago consumed a lot of energy. This means that homeowners used to pay a lot of money for the energy bills to keep the refrigerator running. The current refrigerator models consume very little energy, hence efficient for use.

The side-by-side refrigerators are energy-efficient, thus saving you from incurring extra costs. The fridge has advanced temperature controllers that allow you to manage the device’s energy consumption rate.

The Space Available

When thinking about space, keep two things in mind. Begin by checking the available space in the kitchen to place the refrigerator and the room inside the device for food storage. The doors of the side-by-side refrigerators are smaller than other refrigerators, thus giving you more space for food storage.

If your kitchen has a small space for refrigerator installation, the side-by-side model can work for you. This is because the doors are narrow, and there is no need to pull out the freezer door from time to time. Therefore, you can easily open the doors and access your food without much struggle.

The inside space of the refrigerator is also another story. Those who enjoy food prepping will enjoy using the side-by-side refrigerator due to the availability of shelves to stock and are easily accessible. However, the cubic measurements of the space might be similar to other types of refrigerators, although it takes a different shape.

The Ice and Water Dispenser

It is advantageous to acquire a refrigerator with water and ice dispensers built on the door. The ice and water dispensers are essential during hot seasons. This is one of the features that make the side-by-side refrigerator stand out among all other models on the market today.

Instead of undergoing struggles to pop cubes out of the ice tray, all you need to do is to place your glass of water under the dispenser and wait for the magic to happen. This will save you from buying water bottles from time to time since the dispenser provides clean, cold water that is already filtered and ready to drink.

The Best Recommended Maytag Side by Side Refrigerators

Do you know that Maytag side-by-side refrigerators are one of the world’s most recommended models? Now you know! This is due to good customer reviews from the individuals who have already them across the globe.

Durability also falls in line, making them the best refrigerator models existing in the market. Also, the cost is another major factor that has made this refrigerator model stand out as you can easily get what suits your budget. Let’s dive in and discuss some of the highly recommended Maytag refrigerators.

Maytag 24.93. Cu. Ft Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Side-by-Side Refrigerator-MSS25N4MKZ

The Maytag MSS25N4MKZ stainless steel refrigerator is a high-quality side-by-side refrigerator that can haul a large number of foodstuffs. It has extra shelves inside the freezer that gives you enough storage space. This is especially perfect for people with large families, as they will love the additional storage space.

This refrigerator model has an appealing design that introduces clean lines, thus completing your sleek kitchen design. It has a fingerprint-resistant finish that prevents streaks and smudges while in use, making it pretty easy to clean. It consumes low levels of energy accompanied by LED lights that enhance refrigerator efficiency.

Another reason why we love it is that it comes together with a signed ten-year warranty that guarantees quality; hence you will be confident that it will serve you for years. This refrigerator model goes at $1,399.


  • It is energy efficient.
  • It has abundant storage space.
  • It comes with a ten-year warranty.
  • It has a stainless steel finish.


  •  It does not have an icemaker.

Maytag 20.6 Cu. Ft Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator- MSC21C6MFZ

The MSC21C6MFZ Maytag refrigerator model comes with a stainless steel handle with show-stopping durability features. The refrigerator is constructed from heavy-duty materials certified by the respective body as an assurance of quality. The materials are rigid and can last in your kitchen for many years to come.

It has LED lighting casts that consume very little energy saving you from big energy bills. The stainless steel material prevents the exterior parts of the refrigerator from rusting. Moreover, it comes with adjustable shelves with a water and ice dispenser. It retails for $1,899.


  •  It is made from heavy-duty material.
  •  It can perfectly fit in kitchens with small spaces.
  • It consumes less energy.
  • It is durable.
  • It has enough space to store your foodstuffs.
  •  It is made from stainless steel, hence pretty durable.


  •  The freezer might be noisy.
  •  It is relatively expensive.

Maytag 20.6 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator – MSC21C6MFZ-CL

The MSC21C6MFZ-CL Maytag refrigerator model features stainless steel handles with a show-stopping durability period. All the refrigerator parts are made from high-quality materials with a considerable lifespan to ensure that they serve for quite a long time. The refrigerator has a perfect design that fits and completes the design of your kitchen countertops.

It is equipped with LED lighting that is fantastic for energy conservation, saving you from piling electricity bills. It has enough space for both the freezer and the refrigerator section. Also, it has an ice and water dispenser for clean water purposes. Currently, the MSC21C6MFZ-CL Maytag refrigerator goes for $1499.


  • It is relatively cheap.
  • It does not consume a lot of energy.
  • It perfectly fits in your kitchen countertops.
  • It has an ice and water dispenser.
  • Enough storage space for foodstuffs.


  •  It does not have an icemaker.
  •  The freezer might be noisy.

Maytag 36″ 25.0. Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator- MF12570FEZ

This refrigerator comes with sleek stainless steel that is resistant to fingerprints. Its design is simple to clean and best suits your kitchen household appliances. The refrigerator incorporates a humidity-controlled Freshlock crisper that monitors the temperature, ensuring everything is working as expected.

It has enough space that can store foodstuffs on large party platters as well as deli trays. This gives you enough space to store your items without experiencing any hassle in terms of the arrangement. It also has monitor sensors that monitor your food to ensure it remains fresh in the long run. It has energy-saving bulbs that consume less energy, thus energy efficient. It goes for $2,299.


  • Presence of temperature control sensors.
  • It has a well-established ice maker.
  • Presence of humidity control.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Stainless steel finish.


  •  Very expensive.

Maytag MSB27C2XAM 26.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

The MSB27C2XAM model is another reliable side-by-side refrigerator brand from Maytag. It incorporates a stainless steel finish that is resistant to fingerprints. The refrigerator has a beautiful design with smart features that adds an attractive and appealing look to your kitchen. It has enough space in the fridge and the freezer section to keep your foodstuffs.

In terms of energy consumption, the refrigerator is equipped with LED lights that consume very little power. This saves you from extra electricity bills from time to time. The MSB27C2XAM 26.5 Cu Maytag refrigerator model is widely available around the world. It retails at an estimated price of $1,299.99.


  •  It consumes little power.
  •  It has sufficient storage space both in the refrigerator and freezer.
  •  It has adjustable shelves.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has a simple design that is easy to clean.
  •  It has automatic temperature controllers.
  •  It has a stainless steel finish.


  • The freezer covers a larger space, hence not suitable for small kitchens.

Maytag 24.5 Cu. Ft. Side by Side Refrigerator- MMSS25C4MGB


This is another remarkable appliance from Maytag. The refrigerator comes with an array of modernized features that suits smart homes and complete the appearance of your kitchen. The refrigerator features a stainless steel finish with an appealing design that enhances the beauty of your kitchen.

The refrigerator comes with adjustable shelves with enough space in the freezer and the refrigerator section. Also, it has a water and ice dispenser that generates clean water ready to drink. This refrigerator model comes in an array of colors that gives you a chance to choose the color that matches your kitchen countertops. The refrigerator goes for $1,519.


  •  It comes in an array of colors.
  •  It does not consume a lot of energy.
  •  It has sufficient storage in the freezer and refrigerator section.
  •  It is affordable.


  •  The freezer is noisy.


Question: Does Maytag produce reliable refrigerators?

Answer: Yes! Maytag is one of the most reliable manufacturers generating high-quality refrigerators that guarantee quality results and durability. It is considered the most trusted brand of home appliances that many people across the globe love.

Question: How long do the Maytag side-by-side refrigerators last?

Answer: Note that the durability of any appliance depends on maintenance. The better you maintain your refrigerator, the longer the duration it will serve you. In general, side-by-side refrigerators can serve you up to seventeen years. Amazing, right?

Question: Which side-by-side refrigerator configuration is the most reliable?

Answer: The bottom freezer refrigerators that come with an ice dispenser are the most reliable compared to others. The refrigerators with bottom freezers without ice dispensers tend to have a lot of complications. Maytag side-by-side refrigerators are the most common models on the market that one can easily rely on.

Question: What is the best time of the year to purchase a refrigerator?

Answer: Most refrigerators tend to fail during hot seasons. To be on the safe side, purchase a refrigerator during the last days of April throughout May and the early days of June. During this time, manufacturers are always ready to sell the new models introduced on the market for the first time.

Question: Does the side-by-side refrigerator have enough room for storage?

Answer: Yes! The new models of Maytag side by side refrigerators have flexible shelves that are well arranged to increase space. The frames are well-distributed, making it easy to grab what you want. Also, the device has a narrow door that covers very little space in the inside part of the refrigerator.

Best Maytag Side by Side Refrigerator Options: Final Verdict

Maytag side-by-side refrigerators have earned popularity across the globe due to their functional capabilities. However, before you acquire a fridge, it is crucial to comprehend the critical factors and features to look for. The good news is that Maytag is a highly regarded brand that you can trust.

Therefore, you will be confident that your appliance will serve you and your family for a long time. Among the above-listed models of Maytag refrigerators, the MSC21C6MFZ-CL Maytag refrigerator model is the most recommended type available on the market.

Any time you think of purchasing a side-by-side refrigerator, always give it an immediate priority. Let us know in the comments below how your experience pans out. Happy shopping!

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