Best LG Counter Depth Refrigerator Options

Best LG Counter Depth Refrigerator Options

Are you looking to change your kitchen’s appearance to a modern seamless design? These designs are perfect and make your kitchen look like everything was just made right for you. However, this cannot happen with your regular refrigerator sticking around 5-7 inches beyond the cabinets. Here is where counter-depth refrigerators come in.

Unlike the other regular refrigerators, counter-depth fridges have a depth of around 24 inches, designed to be more flush with your counters, thus, giving you a seamless look. They are also smaller, giving you more floor space, especially if you live in a small apartment.

However, their smaller size does not mean lower standards, as they are pretty effective. These refrigerators give the illusion of a built-in model but at a smaller price point. They are the perfect go-to if you want something sleek for your kitchen.

However, the big question that will come to your mind is where to start from. Many brands manufacture counter-depth refrigerators like Samsung, LG, GE, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool. LG counter-depth refrigerators stand out due to their smart technology, durability, and high quality, and you can never go wrong with them. Below is a comprehensive guide on the best LG counter depth refrigerator options. Read on to find out more.

Who Needs A Counter Depth Refrigerator?

Best LG Counter Depth Refrigerator Options

You may be wondering if a  counter-depth refrigerator is for you. So, what is counter depth? It refers to the distance between the front of the kitchen countertops and the back wall.

Therefore, contrary to standard refrigerators, which are around 30-36 inches deep, these are usually about 24 to 30 inches deep, hence shallower than their other counterparts and fit well with most kitchens. Also, you do not have to sacrifice space since they are taller and broader without sticking out.

Therefore, counter-depth refrigerators will make sense for you if you have a small kitchen as they will not use up a lot of space. Also, if you want an upscale kitchen design, then they are the type to go for. They will elevate your kitchen look without you doing a complete renovation.

Counter-Depth Refrigerator Styles

These refrigerators come in numerous styles. They include:

French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator

This design has two doors at the top and a freezer drawer below. The doors usually open outward to reveal one massive refrigerator inside. French designs are perfect for small kitchens, as opening the doors requires less clearance than a single-door refrigerator. You may find four swing-out doors, two for the refrigerator and two for the freezer, with newer models.

Top-Freezer Counter-Depth Refrigerator

It offers a more traditional design as it has a freezer at the top and a fridge below. Here, the freezer and refrigerator doors open to the right or left, depending on the model.

Bottom-Freezer Counter-Depth Refrigerator

It has a refrigerator at the top and a freezer drawer below. It has a similar design to the french door one, but the difference is that it only has one refrigerator door instead of two. 

Side-By-Side Counter-Depth Refrigerator

This type has two side-by-side doors. Here, the refrigerator compartment will be on the right and is usually more expansive than the left side, which acts as a freezer. With this type, the freezer space is more than the refrigerator space.

The Best 7 LG Counter-Depth Refrigerator Options: Our Top Recommendations

LG is a J.D. Power Award winner for the best customer satisfaction with refrigerators, hence the more reason why their counter-depth refrigerators are worth checking out. Also, according to the  J.D. Power 2019 Kitchen Appliance Satisfaction Study, LG refrigerators were number one in reliability. We have compiled a list of the best seven LG counter-depth refrigerator options based on the type, capacity, customer reviews, and extra features that we love.

LG Printproof Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator LFCC23596S

lg instaview

This LG Printproof model is the perfect counter-depth refrigerator for large families, thanks to its 23 cubic feet of storage capacity.

Why We Love it

  • It creates a seamless and built-in look for your kitchen. Its slightly shallower depth allows it to stand flush with the countertop hence giving a sleek look.
  • It is fingerprint and smudge-resistant; hence it easily wipes clean with a dry cloth.
  • It has a Smart Cooling system designed to monitor and maintain conditions to keep the food fresh for two times longer.
  • It has an InstaView door-in-door with a sleek tinted glass panel that we love. The glass panel is illuminated with two knocks; hence you can see the inside of the refrigerator without opening the door. Amazing, right? This helps reduce the cold air loss, thus keeping the food fresher for longer.
  • It has a pharmaceutical water filter that is NSF certified to reduce more contaminants than previous filters.
  • It is Energy Star certified; hence it will reduce your energy bills.
  • It has a built-in icemaker that automatically makes ice cubes; thus, you will always have them ready when hosting guests at home.
  • It has a multi-air low freshness system that monitors and keeps food fresh.
  • It has two humidity-controlled crisper drawers and a full-width Glide-N-Serve drawer to make food preparations easy for you.


  • It does not have a water dispenser.
  • It does not come cheap, around $2599, but it is definitely worth the price.

LG Electronics LFCC22426S Counter-Depth 3-Door French Door Refrigerator

If you are looking for a mid-range refrigerator that is still stylish, then this LG LFCC22426S counter-depth refrigerator is the pick for you. It is smart; hence you can pair it with Google Assistant, which is a plus.

Why We Love it

  • It offers around 23 cubic feet of space with about 7.3 dedicated to the freezer. Therefore, it can hold a lot of produce for the entire family.
  • It has a fresh air filter that helps circulate air and remove odors.
  • It also has a Glide N’ Serve drawer that provides ample storage space with variable temperature control that helps keep food colder than the refrigerator. Here, you can store meat and sandwiches.
  • It has a Smart Cooling system that maintains ideal temperature conditions in the refrigerator.
  • We love that it has a door alarm that goes off at 30-second intervals when the refrigerator or freezer drawer is left open for more than one minute. Therefore, it prevents the refrigerator from malfunctioning when the door is left open for long periods.
  • It is also Energy Star certified, hence conserving energy.
  • It also has a PrintProof finish which comes in handy with small kids running around the house.
  • It has a LoDecibel Quiet Operation; hence it is not noisy.
  • It also has an auto-closing hinge that automatically closes when the door is open at an angle less than 30°.


  • It does not come with a dispenser.
  • It has a slow icemaker. 

LG Electronics LSXC22396S Side-By-Side Smart Refrigerator

This 36-inch freestanding counter-depth refrigerator is an excellent pick for people who want a Wi-Fi-enabled appliance. It is perfect for large families that want a hi-tech refrigerator. For example, you can easily view the interior without opening the door by giving it a simple knock.

Why We Love it

  • It has a flush mount ice and water dispenser that gives you easy access to ice and water.
  • It is Energy Star certified; hence it uses around 20% less energy than that required by federal standards. This helps lower your energy bills and conserves the environment.
  • It has an Instaview door-in-door that lights up and becomes transparent when you knock on the door. This makes it easy for you to see the refrigerator’s contents without opening it and losing cold air.
  • It has a SmartThinQ that enables you to monitor and control the appliance from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, you can keep track of the food in the refrigerator from your smartphone.


  •  It lacks air filters.
  • It is expensive.

LG Electronics French Door Counter-Depth Smart Refrigerator LFXC22596S

lg electronics LFXC22596S

This door-in-door refrigerator is one of the best counter-depth refrigerators from LG. You can also see the contents of the fridge before opening the door.

Why We Love it

  • It has a lot of space, with its generous 22 cubic feet capacity, hence you will have the convenience of having more food when you need it. This makes it perfect for large families.
  • It is fingerprint and smudge resistant; hence it wipes easily with a dry cloth.
  • It has adjustable bins that glide up and down to fit drinks and snacks of all sizes.
  • Its InstaView door-in-door feature enables you to check the fridge’s contents without opening it.
  • It has dual icemakers, ensuring that you never run out of ice, perfect for hosting a party.
  • It has a smart-fridge capability; hence you can communicate with the fridge from your smartphone. This is perfect as you will be informed when the filter needs replacing or if the refrigerator door is left open.
  • It also has a LoDecibel Quiet Operation that will not disturb your home environment.
  • It also comes with a child lock feature that is perfect for families with small children.


  • It does not have a Touch Screen feature. 
  • It is not ADA compliant.

LG LRFXC2416S Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

This is an upgrade from the LG’s LFXCX24726S counter-depth refrigerator that was discontinued in 2020. It is a 36-inch smart french refrigerator with a 23.5 cubic feet capacity; hence you won’t have to compromise on volume.

Why We Love it

  • It is Wi-Fi enabled; hence you can access your refrigerator from smartphone apps such as the LG ThinQ app or integrate it with Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • It si PrintProof and smudge resistant; hence you can easily wipe it clean with a dry cloth.
  • It has a dual ice maker with craft ice; thus, you will enjoy a long-lasting round of ice.
  • It has a LoDecibel Quiet Operation that reduces its noise output.
  • It also has a CoolGuard metal interior panel that helps keep food cold and fresh for longer.
  • The ice and water dispenser comes with Measured Fill features that allow you to dispense between 4,16 or 32 oz of water.
  • It is also Energy Certified, hence saving you money on energy bills.
  • It also has a Smart Pull handle that makes the opening and closing of the freezer quick and easy.


  • The occasional craft ice dropping can be noisy.
  • The crisper drawers are pretty small.

LG LMWC23626S Counter-Depth Refrigerator

This 22.7 cubic feet capacity French door refrigerator is worth checking out. It is also fingerprint resistant and PrintProof, hence giving you value for your money.

Why We Love it

  • It has dual freezer drawers. This is contrary to most french door refrigerators that usually have a single pull-out freezer drawer with two levels, making it quite difficult to access items. These come in handy, making them quite convenient.
  • It has Smart Cooling technology that will help take care of temperature changes and excess humidity.
  • It also has an ice maker that is quite effective.
  • It has an internal filtered water dispenser that is within arm’s reach.
  • It has a multi-air flow system that helps keep food fresher for longer.
  • It is Energy Star rated, hence quite efficient.
  • It also comes with a fresh air filter that minimizes odors.


  • It is not Wi-Fi connected. However, this will not be an issue if you are not keen on smart and hi-tech refrigerators.
  • The opening and closing of doors can be a little noisy due to the door alarms.
  • It is not ADA compliant.

LG LRFVC2406S Counter-Depth Refrigerator

If you are a large family looking for a massive and smart counter-depth refrigerator, then this LG LRFV2406S model is the right one for you. It is Wi-Fi enabled and comes in plain and black stainless steel.

Why We Love it

  • Who would not love a feature where you knock twice on the door, and the panel goes from tinted to transparent, making you see inside? This is possible due to its InstaView door-in-door feature.
  • It also has a dual ice maker that makes three ice spheres batches per day. If you need more Craft Ice, all you need to do is activate the Craft Ice+ on the app to make the ice twice as fast. Amazing, right?
  • It uses three cooling technologies to ensure that your foods remain fresh for a more extended period. They include Linear Cooling that keeps the temperatures within one degree Fahrenheit of the setting, Door Cooling + that ensures all fridge areas get cool air, and smart Cooling that ensures maximum cooling control.
  • The Slim SpacePlus Ice System is built into the refrigerator door to make more space for other items.
  • It also has a PrintProof finish to keep smudges at bay.
  • It is also Energy Star rated, saving you money on energy bills.
  • You can remotely access the refrigerator from the SmartThinQ app or through Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. This will enable you to set temperatures and activate the air filter when necessary.


  • It is pretty expensive, retailing at around $3999, but it is worth every penny.
  • You need to be careful when closing the left door due to the icemaker’s weight.


Question: Are Counter-Depth Refrigerators More Expensive Than Regular Ones?

Answer: In many cases, counter-depth refrigerators are more expensive than their standard counterparts. This is because they come with superior features such as ice makers, dispensers, and flexible compartments, that add to their cost. They are also more sophisticated and offer a seamless look, hence the higher price range.

Question: Do I Need Clearance For My LG Counter Depth Refrigerator?

Answer: Yes, you should always leave space for clearance around the fridge. This is because you may struggle to open the refrigerator if you fit it too lightly. We recommend that you give it a half-inch of space on both sides, two inches behind and one at the top.

Question: Are All Counter Depth Refrigerators The Same Size?

Answer: A regular counter-depth refrigerator ranges between 24 to 30 inches in depth, excluding the doors and handles. Therefore, the depth you choose depends on your preference, needs, and size of the kitchen.


This sums up our review of the best 7 LG counter-depth refrigerator options in the market today. Counter-depth refrigerators are worth the investment, and you will not regret it. We particularly love the LG Printproof Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator LFCC23596S. However, all the above refrigerators have world-class features, are stylish, and are highly durable. Try one today and open your kitchen to a more seamless and stylish world.

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