best frigidaire wall oven options

Best Frigidaire Wall Oven Options

Frigidaire sells several wall ovens under the Frigidaire, Frigidaire Gallery, and Frigidaire Professional brands, with the Gallery and Professional lines as the company’s premium brands. However, the base Frigidaire models also deserve your attention as they offer a balance between value for money and functionality. 

With a budget of at least $2000, you can get yourself one of the company’s single wall ovens, and at least $3000 should buy you a double wall oven. 

In this Frigidaire wall oven options guide, you’ll find out about the main differences between the wall ovens under the company’s three sub-brands. I’ve also broken down the main features of Frigidaire wall ovens to help you figure out the ones that are right for your needs. Also, check out my list of Frigidaire wall oven recommendations to jump-start your decision.

Bottom Line Up Front

My top Frigidaire wall oven recommendation is the Frigidaire Gallery GCWS3067AF model, which is a single oven that strikes a balance between premium features and affordability. If you’re looking for a double oven, I recommend the Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF.

Frigidaire Wall Oven Picks at a Glance

Model Features Average Price
Frigidaire FFEW3026TS 30” Single Electric Wall Oven 30-inch width, 4.6-cubic-foot capacity, self-cleaning, delay-start baking. $2000
Frigidaire Gallery GCWS3067AF 30” Single Electric Wall Oven 30-inch width, 5.3-cubic-foot capacity, convection. $3000
Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF 30” Double Electric Wall Oven 30-inch width, 10.6 total capacity, air fry. $4000
Frigidaire Professional FPET3077RF 30” Double Electric Wall Oven 30-inch width, 10.2 total capacity, convection feature. $3700
Frigidaire FCWM3027AB 30” Electric Wall Oven/Microwave Combination 30-inch width, 5.3-cubic-foot oven capacity, 1.6-cubic-foot microwave capacity, sensor cooking.  $3500

Frigidaire vs. Frigidaire Gallery vs. Frigidaire Professional

As I mentioned at the start of this article, the company sells its appliances under three sub-brands: Frigidaire, Gallery, and Professional. Although they might look similar (especially the Gallery and Professional line), they offer differences.

The table below breaks down the main difference between the three appliance lines under Frigidaire.

Frigidaire Gallery Professional
Is the company’s value brand.  These are high-end models. They are high-end ovens meant for chefs (professionals).
They come in various color options. You get black, white, and stainless steel options. Only have stainless steel finishes.
They have basic features for home use. They have more advanced features but are easy to use. They have advanced features with more buttons and settings.
They have touch controls. They have touch controls. They have physical knobs as well as touch controls.

Types of Frigidaire Wall Ovens

You can buy a single, double, or combination wall oven from Frigidaire. 

  • Single wall ovens are just one oven unit meant for a small household or for those who don’t often entertain guests. If you live in a small apartment, then consider Frigidaire’s single ovens. These are also the company’s lowest-priced and are, therefore, ideal for entry-level buyers.
  • Double-wall ovens are two oven units but for a price less than two times the cost of a single oven. These are meant for those who do a lot of baking or those who always have guests. If you need lots of oven real estate, consider a double oven rather than two single ovens.
  • Combination ovens are an oven unit and a microwave unit, with the latter as the top section. These types of ovens are best for those who require a microwave as well as an oven. However, microwaves also perform some oven functions thanks to features like sensor cooking – this is found in Frigidaire’s models.

Here’s a deeper look at the types of Frigidaire ovens and which one you should choose.

Frigidaire Wall Oven Features to Look Out For

Total Convection

This feature offers the oven added functionality outside of the regular convection cooking mode. Because of Total Convection, the ovens can perform tasks like air frying, slow cooking, and even steam bake, among others. More on these below. This is why it’s known as Total Convection as opposed to the regular convection feature found in the company’s more affordable models. 

If you’re interested in this feature, you’ll need to budget for at least $2900 for a single wall oven and about $4000 for a double oven. Otherwise, consider Frigidaire’s ovens with the regular fan convection if you’re on a budget.

No Preheat

This feature is a product of Total Convection, and it allows you to save time and start baking immediately after you place the meal in the oven. It’s perfect for those who often cook in the oven as it saves the time taken on one dish, allowing you to get to the next one quickly. Also, consider an oven with No-Preheat if you love to entertain guests, as you’ll be able to prepare large meals within less time.

Air-Fry Mode

Do you love fried food? Well, I’m sure you know that fried food isn’t the healthiest, making air frying a perfect alternative.

Frigidaire’s ovens with Total Convection also get Air-Fry mode, which uses the fan to circulate heat and produce crispy and evenly browned food. Sadly, you won’t get Air Fry mode in Frigidaire ovens without Total Convection; you’ll have to spend at least $2900 for this feature.

Slow Cooking

Frigidaire ovens with this feature can slowly cook meals at low temperatures of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit/ 37 degrees celsius. As you may know, slow-cooking food helps to intensify food without it losing its moisture. With an oven that has this feature, you get a way to prepare your meals without having to worry about getting the right temperature.

Self Cleaning

Consider a Frigidaire oven model with self-cleaning if you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning the oven yourself. This cycle runs for two to four hours, and it uses high heat to incinerate baked-on food particles. You’ll have to go in and wipe the resultant ash afterward, but this should take just a few minutes.

Temperature Probe

For precise cooking of meats, consider a Frigidaire oven with a temperature probe. This little gizmo is slid into the food so that it monitors the internal temperature. Once the food reaches the perfect temperature, the oven alerts you, helping you to avoid overcooking or undercooking the meal.

Frigidaire Wall Oven Recommendations

Selection Criteria

  • Price: I chose oven models at different price points to offer an option for those with different budgets. These models offer the most value for their price.
  • User reviews: The oven recommendations are among the best-rated models on Frigidaire’s website, with positive reviews on performance and reliability.
  • Type of oven: I’ve selected the best oven in its category to provide an option for those looking for a single, double, or combination oven.
  • Features: The models on this list have features that make them top performers in their class.

Frigidaire FFEW3026TS 30” Single Electric Wall Oven

This Frigidaire single oven is the company’s lowest-priced wall oven option, retailing at just over $2000. Granted, there are cheaper wall ovens by other brands, so it isn’t the lowest-priced model that money can buy. However, if you opt for this Frigidaire single oven, you’ll enjoy the company’s reputation for reliability, that’s evident in the FFEW3026TS. The positive user reviews are proof that this model offers value for money.

Its main feature is the company’s Even Baking Technology, which performs as you’d expect; food is cooked evenly. You don’t get some of the company’s fancy features like convection, but at this price point, you probably just want an oven that bakes well with no fuss. The Frigidaire FFEW3026TS does just that.

Main Features

  • It has a capacity of 4.6 cubic feet.
  • This oven has a width of 30 inches.
  • There’s self-cleaning.
  • It has a delay start option.
  • The oven has touch controls.


  • It is affordable.
  • It bakes food evenly.


  • There’s no convection.

Frigidaire Gallery GCWS3067AF 30” Single Electric Wall Oven

If you’re looking for a more advanced single oven, consider this Frigidaire Gallery model, which is about $800 more than the option above. This one also has a 30-inch width, but there’s a 27-inch model that, surprisingly, costs the same. I recommend this one as it offers more capacity for the same price.

Being a Gallery model, it offers advanced features, and at the top of the list is Frigidaire’s Total Convection. This comes with Air Fry, No Preheat, Slow Cook, and Convection Bake, among other bells and whistles. As a result, the GCWS3067AF offers excellent cooking/baking performance without being complicated to use.

Main Features

  • It has a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet.
  • The oven has Total Convection.
  • There’s the No Preheat feature.
  • It has Steam Bake.
  • There’s a temperature probe inside.
  • This model has steam cleaning.
  • It comes in either black stainless steel or stainless steel.


  • This Frigidaire oven offers multiple cooking options thanks to Total Convection.
  • It has a spacious interior.
  • It is stylish.


  • Its power cable is short.

Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF 30” Double Electric Wall Oven

The Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF is the double-oven version of the single oven I’ve listed above. So, it offers the same bells and whistles as the model above: Total Convection, Slow Cook, Air Fry, No Preheat, the works! However, for $4000, it offers more value for money, with a single-unit price of $2000. 

This model is certainly worth considering if you’re expecting to do a lot of oven cooking. The convection feature, for instance, ensures that all your meals are perfect. Plus, it has a temperature probe, which will make sure your dishes are precisely cooked.

Since this is a Frigidaire Gallery brand, it has a more premium look that’s complemented by the touchscreen control panel and the stainless steel/black stainless steel finishes.

Main Features

  • Both the upper and lower ovens have 5.3-cubic-foot capacities.
  • It has Total Convection.
  • There’s Air Fry.
  • It has Steam Bake.
  • It has Steam clean and Self Clean features.
  • Its body has a Smudge-Proof finish.


  • It offers ample oven space.
  • The oven is easy to clean.
  • It has numerous cooking functions.


  • It takes a bit of time to master using the controls.

Frigidaire Professional FPET3077RF 30” Double Electric Wall Oven

Consider this Frigidaire Professional double wall oven as a cheaper alternative to the model above. Costing about $3700, its single-oven price is among the lowest in the company’s portfolio. Granted, for a lower price, you’ll have to trade off certain features like Total Convection. 

Still, this model has its version of convection that the company calls PowerPlus Convection. And it doesn’t disappoint, delivering excellent baking and roasting results. Since this is an oven for a professional, it has physical controls as opposed to touch controls in the models listed above. The benefit of this is in the tactile response you get when selecting cooking modes and temperatures.

Main Features

  • Each oven has a capacity of 5.1 cubic feet.
  • There are three racks in each oven.
  • It has a temperature probe.
  • There’s the No Preheat feature.
  • It has a Smudge-Proof stainless steel exterior.
  • This model has self-cleaning.


  • Its controls are easy to use.
  • Food is cooked evenly.


  • There’s no temperature display. 

Frigidaire FCWM3027AB 30” Electric Wall Oven/Microwave Combination

If you’re looking for a microwave and oven combination, I recommend the Frigidaire FCWM2727AB. This model has a 27-inch counterpart, but I recommend the 30-inch model as it costs the same. 

For about $3400, you get a 5.3-cubic-foot oven and a 1.6-cubic-foot microwave. The oven unit has a standard drop-down door, but the microwave has a side-swing door that resembles standalone microwaves. The two units have their control panels, so there’s no confusion about which unit you’ve powered. 

The oven comes with convection, but not Total Convection in this one. As a consolation, you get Sensor Cooking in the microwave.

Main Features

  • This model has a 30-inch width.
  • It has fan convection in the oven.
  • There’s self-cleaning.
  • There’s a sensor cooking in the microwave.
  • It has a Keep Warm setting.
  • There’s an interior halogen light.
  • The microwave has a cooking power of 1100 watts.


  • It’s an affordable combination oven.
  • The oven has a large capacity.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • You don’t get Total Convection functions.

What to Consider When Choosing a Wall Oven


wall oven

Wall ovens are categorized according to their widths. Manufacturers use standard widths of 24, 27, and 30 inches, but the depths will generally be the same – about 25 inches.

Before buying a wall oven, make sure you have the measurements for the cut-out in which they’ll be installed. Frigidaire shares the required cutout dimensions in their installation instructions, which are found on their website. 

For a compact kitchen, consider a 24-inch oven such as this Frigidaire model


Measured in cubic feet, the oven’s capacity determines how much food you can fit in the cavity. 30-inch ovens have about five cubic feet, 27-inch models have around 3.8 cubic feet, and 24-inch models have about 3.3 cubic feet of oven space. 

Smaller households will find 3 to 4 cubic feet to be sufficient. However, if you prepare a lot of oven meals, then consider models with five cubic feet. 

Fuel Type

You have the option of choosing either a gas or an electric oven. The monthly cost of using a gas oven is lower than that of an electric oven if used at the same rate. However, gas ovens don’t have even heat distribution, resulting in cold spots inside. I dove deeper into the difference between gas and electric ovens in this piece, so take a look if you need help deciding between the two.

Color and Finish

Choose an oven that matches your kitchen’s aesthetic. You have the choice of black, white, stainless steel, and black stainless, depending on the Frigidaire wall oven you select. If you prefer the Frigidaire Professional ovens, you’ll have stainless steel as your only option.

The Gallery and Professional line of ovens have smudge-proof stainless steel, which is the company’s version of a fingerprint-resistant finish.

Frigidaire Wall Oven Alternatives

GE® 30″ Double Wall Oven Model #: JTD3000ENES

At the time of writing, this GE double wall oven is selling for less than $1000, making it an easy recommendation if you’re lucky to still find the clearance sale. However, its regular price is about $2800, which is in keeping with the price range of similarly specced models from other companies. 

The JTD3000ENES is a double oven model that boasts WiFi connectivity, a feature that’s missing in Frigidaire’s options. So, if you’re interested in the convenience of remotely monitoring and operating your oven via your smartphone, then this is an oven that’s worth considering. You can do this through GE’s SmartHQ app, which also offers the company’s Scan to Cook feature.

Main Features

  • This model has a 30-inch width.
  • Each oven has a capacity of 5.0 cubic feet.
  • There are two heavy-duty racks in each oven unit.
  • It has self-cleaning with a steam option.
  • This model has electronic touch controls.
  • It is a smart oven with voice control.


  • Smart capabilities.
  • Ample oven capacity.


  • There’s no convection.

Find out more about GE’s double oven options in our in-depth guide.

Whirlpool 5.0 Cu. ft. Single Wall Oven Model: WOS31ES0JS

Whirlpool 30" Built-In Single Electric Wall Oven Stainless steel WOS31ES0JS - Best Buy

This Whirlpool single oven is an affordable alternative to Frigidaire’s options as it sells for less than $2000. For the lower price, you get to enjoy Whirlpool’s reliability, that’s noticeable in this well-built model. 

It has a stylish look with a stainless steel finish that won’t cramp your kitchen style. But this single oven offers more than looks – it also does oven things as you’d expect it to. You’ll find handy features like Keep Warm and Self-Clean, which are welcome at this price point. And although there’s no convection, you still get bake and broil cooking options, plus the option to set when you want the oven to start cooking.

If you’re looking for a no-frills wall oven that does its main job well, the Whirlpool WOS31ES0JS should be at the top of your list.

Main Features

  • The oven has a 5.0-cubic-foot capacity.
  • There are two oven racks.
  • It has electronic touch controls.
  • It has self-cleaning.
  • This model has a Keep Warm setting.
  • It has Delay Start.


  • It’s affordable
  • It’s easy to use.


  • This is a basic oven unit.

Here’s a look at more Whirlpool wall oven options.

LG LWC3063ST 1.7/4.7 cu. ft. Combination Double Wall Oven

On the list of reliable wall ovens, LG ranks highly, making this combination oven a good alternative to what Frigidaire has to offer. The LWC3063ST model costs less than $4000, but it comes with handy bells and whistles that make it a great option.

This combination oven is WiFi-enabled, so you can connect it to LG’s ThinQ ecosystem and operate it remotely via your smartphone. The ThinQ app will notify you when the meal is ready, help you properly maintain your oven, and offer diagnostics tools in case the appliance develops an issue.

Still, the oven comes with True Convection, which has a third heating element as well as a fan for perfect heat distribution. You also get LG’s TurboCook feature in the microwave unit.

Main Features

  • The microwave has a capacity of 1.7 cubic feet.
  • The oven unit has a capacity of 4.7 cubic feet.
  • It has TurboCooks in the microwave unit.
  • The lower unit has True Convection.
  • There’s an infrared heating element.
  • There’s an EasyClean self-cleaning feature.


  • It’s a smart oven.
  • The TurboCook feature makes cooking fast.
  • The oven looks stylish.


  • No Air Fry feature.


Question: What is the most reliable wall oven?

Answer: According to the 2021 JD Power appliance satisfaction study, Samsung wall ovens were found to be the most reliable, followed by KitchenAid, then LG, and Whirlpool.

Question: What is the most efficient type of oven?

Answer: Convection ovens are the most efficient ovens because the heat distribution is consistent, resulting in shorter cooking times and lower energy consumption.

Question: How much space do you need behind a wall oven?

Answer: You need about 1.5 inches of space behind a wall oven for ventilation and wiring.

Question: Are wall ovens plugged in or hardwired?

Answer: Wall ovens are supposed to be hardwired, i.e., connected directly to a junction box.

Best Frigidaire Wall Oven Options: Bottom Line

Frigidaire may not offer the most affordable wall oven options, but the company’s models have features that make them excellent performers. If you’re considering a Frigidaire wall oven, I recommend getting the Frigidaire Gallery GCWS3067AF, which strikes a balance between affordability and performance. For a double wall oven, consider the Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF.

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